Which industries will be busy as a result of the Tokyo Olympics?


The Tokyo Olympics will be held in 2020. It has been 56 years since the last Olympics in Japan so many residents are getting excited.

Holding such a large event in Tokyo will have various effects on Tokyo and its economy but some industries will benefit more than others. Let’s take a look at 5 industries that will be most affected by the Olympics in Tokyo.

1:The Event & Advertising Industry

Event companies, who plan, prepare for and hold events will be busy with extra sports related events. Advertising companies will be busy promoting these events. Designers and illustrators will have their hands full creating commercials and posters as will photographers and cameramen.

2:The Construction Industry

Tokyo cannot hold the Olympics with stadiums and infrastructure, which are built by construction companies. In order to create an environment where athletes and government officials can spend time comfortably, it is important that members of the construction industry get involved. Construction workers will be busy preparing for the Olympics for the next few years.

3:The Restaurant Industry

The number of foreign tourists is expected to increase even more as we get closer to the Olympics. When this happens, restaurants will become busy serving all these tourists. In addition to being able to handle non-Japanese speaking customers, restaurants will also need to be able to accommodate to religious constraints and provide special menus, such as “halal” or ”kosher”.

4:The Hotel and Tourist Industries

Like the restaurant industry, the tourist industry will be affected by the increase in foreign tourists. This includes hotels, tourist agencies and taxi companies. Staff from these companies will need to provide Japanese style customer service as well as improved English language skills. People from these industries will have the opportunity to interact with people from all around the world which will be both exciting and challenging.

5:The Translation Industry

During the 1-2 months during the Olympics, translators will be needed for foreign athletes and related staff. As a result, the government will be looking for part time workers and contract workers with high English ability. Some very important positions may need to be filled by workers with these abilities.

The expected increase in the number of foreign tourists and jobs linked to caring for these tourists stands out as the biggest effect of the Tokyo Olympics. It is important that the Japanese government puts a larger emphasis on English language skills as soon as possible.

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