The benefits of encouraging your child to study in the morning and how to succeed


In recent years, many early childhood learning specialists believe that encouraging children to study in the morning is very effective in increasing their knowledge. Although many parents want to take advantage of this “golden time for studying” every morning, it is hard to get their child in the habit of studying in the morning. Before you give up, let’s take a look at the benefits and some tips that may help you and your family.

What are the benefits of studying in the morning?

We organize our thoughts and memories from the day when we are sleeping. As a result, when we first wake up our brain is clear and ready to grasp new ideas and memories. Also, our brain is also creating more dopamine and adrenaline in the morning, which help us concentrate and get more out of what we are learning.

In addition to the above, studying in the morning also has the following benefits:
-It is quiet which makes it easier to concentrate
-Your body and brain are not tired
-It encourages you to get in the habit of waking up early and going to bed early

Most families try to set aside time after school for their child to study. However, with play dates and after school activities it is often hard to find the time. If your child gets in the habit of studying in the morning then you will not have to worry about him/her having enough time to study at night.

How can we encourage our child to make a habit of studying in the morning?

What should we do to make it easier for our child to study in the morning? Let’s start with the following 3 points.

■Encourage your child to wake up early and go to bed early

Parents who are concerned about their child’s study habits often spend the whole day thinking that their child is not motivated to study. However, for children who have a hard time waking up early, the first step is to overcome this hurdle. Let’s start by encouraging our children to go to bed early and wake up early.

■Encourage studying through play and make studying fun

When many parents think of studying, math drills and reading books often come to mind. However, younger children can also learn through coloring, card games and puzzles. It is important to allow your child to choose what type of studying activity he/she wants to do first. Offer him/her a few options including some activities that he/she enjoys. By choosing an activity that they like, they will feel responsible for finishing the activity until the end.

■Make sure to praise them for doing well

It is very important to praise your child when they finish their homework or studying. It is important to be specific and praise them for finishing the activity until the end and not giving up. Observe your child when he/she is studying and find areas that you can praise them on. Showing your child that you are proud of them and behind them is a very important motivator for them.

Parents are the only ones who can motivate their children. Let’s try to encourage our children to start studying in the morning from tomorrow.

Attending classes with your child on the weekends is another way to encourage learning in a fun environment as a family.

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