Why does the “Jewish early childhood learning style” help raise so many geniuses?


●The theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein, who was known for his Theory of Relativity
●The famous psychologist, Sigmund Freud, who was known for psychoanalysis and dream interpretation.
●Karl Marx, the author of “capitalism” and also a famous philosopher

What do you think the above famous people have in common?
The answer is that they are all of a Jewish background.
Although the Jewish population is small, historically they make up 20% of the population of Nobel Prize winners.
Many people believe that the “Jewish early childhood learning style” is responsible for these numbers.
Let’s take a look at the “Jewish early childhood learning style” together.

Teaching children from an early age that we gain knowledge over a lifetime

Jewish people put an emphasis on education from an early age.
For example, Jewish parents read the “Talmud” to their children when they are babies and when they are old enough to read they encourage their children to sound out the words.
Also, since Jewish parents emphasize moral education from a young age, less Jewish children perform acts of inhumanity. Jewish children are surrounded by books from a young age. This enables them to absorb knowledge throughout their lives.

Carefully responding to children’s questions and concerns

Of course, some knowledge cannot be gained through books.
As a result, Jewish parents surround their children with varied information and encourage them to make their own choices. This also encourages children to think and ask “why”.
Jewish parents tend to commend their children for asking questions and encourage them to find the answer themselves instead of just coming up with an answer to finish the conversation. This also helps children learn how to think on their own. They not only learn how to find answers but also how fun it can be to research and explore the world around them.

Creating a relationship of mutual trust between child and parent

Jewish parents trust their children. They believe that they will succeed when taking new challenges and let their children know that they are behind them all the way. This helps motivate and encourage their children to take challenges. However, this does not mean that they just tell their children that they can do something just because they want them to do it. It is important to encourage children to follow their dreams and encourage them to take challenges in fields that they are interested in and help them succeed. In order for parents to do this it is important to spend time observing and playing with their children.

However, sometimes children make mistakes.
When this happens, it is important not to get emotional and angry but to explain to them in a logical way how they should have handled the situation.
If parents have a relationship of mutual trust with their children, it is OK if they punish their children when necessary. Jewish people encourage their children to become independent and prepare them to separate from their parents at an early age.

As you can see, early childhood learning encourages children to develop their own personality and prepare for the future. It is hard to do everything but start with what you can from today. Let’s start by trying to implement the Jewish early learning style where we can.

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