What are the benefits of origami? How can the art style be performed successfully?


“Origami” has been popular with Japanese children for many years. The art style has also gained popularity abroad in recent years. Origami is not only fun but is also beneficial to a child’s development. In this article, we will explore the benefits of origami and how children can perform the art style successfully.

折り紙は育児に効果アリ!? 折り紙がもたらすメリットと上手な遊び方

The benefits of origami

・Use of one’s fingers improves fine motor skills and brain development
When doing origami we use our fingers to create specific shapes out of paper. The ability to skillfully move one’s fingers to create detailed objects is important for a child’s development. Children who are good with their fingers tend to be good at sports and have good rhythm. Also, since our peripheral nerves are centered in our fingertips, they are often called our “second brain”. Using our fingertips to make detailed origami sends signals to our brain making the activity a great form of training for our brain.

・Develops imagination and a sense of color
Origami requires children to figure out how to reach the final product, which encourages them to use their imagination. Also, since we often use many different colors of paper when creating an object, the image often changes depending on the color used.

・Improves concentration and spatial awareness
When creating origami, we use our fingertips to create detailed objects. This helps improve concentration. It also requires us to fold various sides of the paper at once, which helps children study math. Using a high level of concentration to fold various sides of the paper also improves spatial awareness.sides of the paper also improves spatial awareness.

How can we help our children play successfully with origami?

・Show them an example of the finished product and how it is created
Although it is important for children to think by themselves, creating an origami from scratch can be very difficult. When children cannot complete the origami correctly they may get upset and give up. In this situation, it is a good idea for parents to show their child what the finished product looks like and help them follow the directions. Showing children colorful and beautiful origami will make them more interested in making origami on their own. Displaying the origami they created in the living room is a great form of praise and will encourage them to create more.

・Start with simple origami (like those with only 2 folds)
At the beginning, no one can make a difficult origami by him/herself. So it is a good idea to start with easy origami and then move on to more difficult ones. Even with simple origami you can create a triangle and various other shapes. At first, it is important for children to learn that origami is fun and how to correctly fold the paper.

・Encourage your child to have a ense of accomplishment
It is important to let your child choose the color/type of origami paper and what they want to make. Children will get excited when they see lots of colored paper and styles so make sure to prepare many different kinds. When children begin to make the various styles on their own they will gain a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. This will want them to go ahead and make more origami. will want them to go ahead and make more origami.

Making origami fun is the best way to encourage children to create shapes on their own

Although the activity is said to be beneficial to a child’s development, origami is a type of play so it should be fun. At the beginning, think of it as an opportunity for parent-child communication. However, it is important not to forget that it has to be fun.

Given its many benefits, origami is an activity that all families should enjoy. Please take the time to work on the shapes together and encourage your child to enjoy making origami now and in the future.

折り紙は育児に効果アリ!? 折り紙がもたらすメリットと上手な遊び方