What is your child’s dream for the future? Which skill sets are necessary for the AI (artificial intelligence) era?


Most parents want their children to choose a career that will enable them to lead a good life in the future. However, our world is changing quickly and in coming years, AI (artificial intelligence) will perform more than half of the work in our society. Which skill sets should your child acquire so that he/she can fulfill his/her dreams?

子どもの将来の夢は? AI時代に身に着けておきたいスキルとは

Good communication skills

Whichever future occupation your child chooses, having good communication skills will be important. Although the use of AI is expected to increase in the future, it will be difficult for computers (robots) to understand a human’s feelings and determine how to best communicate with him/her. Studying is important but being able to communicate with others will become even more important in the future. Children learn “how to think for themselves and take action”, “cooperate with those around them” and “negotiate to solve problems” by interacting with a lot of different people (culture, age, gender, etc.) from a young age.

Learn how to coexist with AI by improving programming skills

One way to prevent having one’s job being taken over by AI is to learn how to program and coexist with AI. Human knowledge and work is required to create a machine with exemplary functionality. In the future, the need for system engineers and computer programmers will continue to rise. As a result, many parents feel that it is a good idea to give their children the opportunity to interact with technology from an early age.

Develop your child’s personality

No matter how much AI advances, there is nothing that can compare to a human being’s personality. In Japanese education today, the subjects are decided based on whether they will make the majority of students smart or not. However, in the future as the use of AI increases, personality and individual human qualities, which only human beings possess will become more and more important. Although an activity might feel like a waste of time to adult, it may be helping to develop your child’s personality. If your child is interested, it is a good idea to let him/her continue with the activity. It is important to give your child the opportunity to do what he/she wants to do.

How was the article?
Although many believe that jobs will be taken over by AI, there are a lot of things that only human beings can do. Being able to study will be beneficial when looking for jobs. However, since basic activities will be performed by AI it may be better to let your child do activities that he/she wants to do. Please support your child in his/her challenges and help him/her fulfill his/her dreams.

子どもの将来の夢は? AI時代に身に着けておきたいスキルとは
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