Does a child’s posture affect his/her grades in school? Here are some tips for improving your child’s posture before it is too late.


How is your child’s everyday posture? Many children roll up their backs in a cat pose or rest their chin on their hands. Actually, research shows that one’s posture is directly linked to one’s school grades and students with poor posture often have a hard time getting good grades. In this article, we will discuss the relationship between posture and grades and introduce 3 tips that will help your child improve his/her posture.

姿勢が勉強の成績に影響する? 子どもの姿勢を改善するコツ

What is the relationship between posture and school grades?

Why is posture linked to school grades? During the growth stage, when children get into the habit of rolling up their backs in a cat pose, this may affect their grades, their physical health and even their overall growth. When a child has poor posture, it may cause deformation in the muscles and bone structure throughout the body. When pressure it put on the muscles and nerves, one may experience headaches and shoulder pain, which will make it hard to study and concentrate. In addition, when a child’s bones do not develop smoothly, it might put pressure on one’s internal organs and prevent nutrients from being distributed throughout the body.

How can we help improve our child’s posture?

If you notice that your child is often in a cat pose, it is important to improve their posture as soon as possible.

●Make sure your child is aware of their posture problem
The first step is to make sure that your child is aware of his/her own poor posture. Take them to a mirror and show them the difference between good posture and poor posture. Please also teach them about the risk of having poor posture and the benefits of having good posture.

●Use chairs without a back when possible
When we sit on the sofa or in a chair with a back it is easy to take a relaxing pose. When studying, it is best to have your child sit in a chair with a back whenever possible. This will encourage him/her to sit up straight and stretch their back muscles and bones.

●Help them strengthen their upper body
One reason that children quickly roll up their backs is because their bodies are still underdeveloped. This is because in recent years, many children are not given enough opportunity to play and exercise their bodies enough, which causes them to be less flexible. Some simple exercises to try are sumo and using a balance ball.

Use this as an opportunity to improve your posture as well

Parents set an example for their children so it is important that you demonstrate good posture to your child. Do you find yourself relaxing on the sofa or sitting on a chair using poor posture? It is important that you take the opportunity to work with your child and improve your postures together.

Poor posture will not only affect your child’s concentration and grades at school but also prevent his/her body from developing correctly and may lead to headaches and poor physical health. In recent years, stores have begun to sell children’s chairs that support good posture. It is a good idea to use this type of item until your child can improve his/her posture on his/her own. Parents and children should work together to improve their posture.

姿勢が勉強の成績に影響する? 子どもの姿勢を改善するコツ
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