The benefits of starting classes with your child when he/she turns one year old and the top 3 types of lessons for this age group


From one year old, babies start to communicate with sounds and their bodies are ready to move around. When they see their baby turning into a toddler, many parents start to research activities that will encourage their little one’s development. However, some parents think it is too early to start classes. In this article, we will cover the benefits of starting classes when your baby turns one as well as introduce the top 3 types of lessons for this age group.

The benefits of starting classes with your child when he/she turns one year old and the top 3 types of lessons for this age group

Benefits of Starting Classes with Your One Year Old

We often hear, “my child learned how to write”, “my child learned how to swim” because he/she started lessons from when he/she was one year old. However, the goal of attending classes is not only to learn a specific skill. When parents attend lessons with their little one, children can interact with adults (other than their parents) and learn social skills. Gaining these skills is an important part of preparing for kindergarten and future schooling. When attending lessons, unlike when they are at home, children do not have to worry about their voice level or movements so they can play and learn freely. Even activities that they are not interested in doing when alone at home look fun and interesting when their friends are doing them. Starting lessons when your little one is like a sponge and absorbs what is going on around him/her will have a lasting effect on his/her development.

#1 Activity to Start with Your 1-year-old: Foreign Language

In our global society, foreign language skills are becoming more and more important. When children start learning a language from such a young age, they are more likely to develop an ear for the language rather than focusing on translating the words to Japanese. Good listening and pronunciation skills in a foreign language are skills that parents want their children to pick up. Foreign language lessons for young children focus on picture books and songs to make sure that children are having fun as they learn. If a child’s first experience with a foreign language is fun they are less likely to dislike learning and using the language when they get older.

#2 Activity to Start with Your 1-year-old: Rhythmic (Music)

During rhythmic classes, children dance along with music and use simple instruments to shake or tap along with the music. Many of the famous music schools in Japan hold rhythmic classes for young children. By attending these classes, children will not only gain concentration and rhythmic skills but music stimulates our automatic nerve system which supports mind and body balance. Having a sense of rhythm also helps improve athletic ability and is a great class to take before attending sports classes.

The benefits of starting classes with your child when he/she turns one year old and the top 3 types of lessons for this age group

#3 Activity to Start with Your 1-year-old: Baby Swimming

Baby swimming, which babies can start from around 6 months old, plays an important role in a child’s body development. During the class, parents hold their child and walk in the water, play with a ball or other toy and practice going under water. The activities help babies get used to the water, encourage body development and raise a child’s immunity.

Starting various lessons with your 1-year-old will help bring out his/her possibilities. This will make it easier to determine which activities your child likes and what he/she is good at. However, it is hard to know what area your child should focus on from this age. Therefore, it is a good idea to attend a school that has a variety of activities for you and your child to try. This will give you an opportunity to see what your child is attracted to and help him/her bring out his/her potential.