The Social Skills You Want Your Child To Learn During Early Childhood


When children are very young they spend the majority of time with their family but as they get older they begin to interact with children and adults of all ages. They develop social skills through these interactions.

Social skills are essential to succeed in one’s daily life. It is much easier to develop these skills when children are young than when they are an adult. In this article, we will introduce how to best instill social skills on children when they are young.


Many Children Today Have Poor Social Skills

Due to the current trend toward nuclear families and the decrease in community exchange, children today do not have the opportunity to interact with large numbers of people from a young age. This is why we see so many more children with poor social skills nowadays.

However, even if children are protected by their mom, dad and teachers when they are young, they grow up into young adults and are expected to act on their own. It is very important that we teach our children how to successfully communicate with those around them (people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds) and help them improve their social skills from a young age.

What are Social Skills?

Although social skills are hard to define, we all can recognize a child with good social skills when we see them. Try remembering when you were a child. I am sure that there was at least one child in your class that was friendly, sociable and popular among the kids in the class. This child attracted the other kids in the class because he/she had good social skills.

What differs a child with good social skills from the other kids in his/her class? An American survey listed up the 10 most desirable skills for leading a successful school life.

●Being a listener
●Following the rules
●Explaining things in order
●Creating friendly relationships
●Having responsibility
●Thinking about others
●Not getting angry about the little things
●Being able to ask for help
●Being able to take endeavors

Children who have these skills are the ones who become popular and can lead a successful school life.

What type of social skills should children gain when they are young?

We expect children to be able to greet those around them and express their feelings (including saying sorry and thank you when necessary) from a young age. Being able to share one’s toys and think about how the other person feels is also an important form of social skills for this age group. Other important skills include being able to clean up after themselves, being able to understand that they cannot get everything they want and being able to work as a group.

The expected level of social skills will depend on the child’s age so it is hard to come up with a specific definition. However, young children gain the important social skills when they are given the opportunity to interact with other children and adults in a safe environment. This is why it is important to enroll your child in activities and also take them to the playground where they can meet and play with children their own age whenever possible.

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