[The Increased Use of Smart Phones & the Internet Among Young Children] – How to teach them “Internet Literacy”


With the increased popularity of smart phones, more and more younger children have access to the Internet. It is not surprising for children in Kindergarten to watch videos online as a favorite form of entertainment. However, allowing your young one to access the Internet may cause him/her to see dangerous information without knowing it. As a result, it is becoming more and more important to teach children “Internet Literacy” from a young age.


“Internet Literacy” – Protecting children from danger

With more and more young people using smart phones to access the Internet, more and more children are being exposed to dangerous information without their parents knowing it. Even if parents are trying to be careful about what their children access online, by pressing the wrong link children may end up on a dangerous website. With the increase in dangerous websites, there is a greater chance that children will be exposed to bad information while online. These websites include not only financial scams but also information that may endanger your child’s life. It is important that parents teach their children crisis management skills from a young age.

One method of teaching these skills is by teaching them how to use the Internet properly. “Internet Literacy” , which should be taught as early as possible, is defined as being able to decipher between good and bad information and being able to protect oneself.

Young children often try to copy the dangerous videos they see online

Videos that have been uploaded to the Internet are the most influential to younger children. In some cases, copying the actions on the videos may even lead to injuries and accidents. One example is when children watch how to drive a car on an online video and then try to practice what they learned when their parents are not in the car. This can lead to sometimes deadly accidents.

How can we protect our children from danger

Until children can decipher right and wrong on their own, it is important that parents choose what their children watch and when possible watch the videos with them.

When children began to understand things, it is important to teach them carefully what actions are dangerous and should be avoided. It is also important to teach them that they should not copy everything they see in videos. Make sure to explain the meaning of the video in words that your child can understand from their standpoint.

Teach them that there are often lies on the Internet

When children get older, it is a good idea to teach them that some information online is incorrect. It is important for children to be able to determine whether the information is incorrect or not. Parents should help them research whether the information they find is factual or not. Children can be left to decide what they want to watch on their own once they can decipher between the facts and the lies on the Internet.

Parents need to learn about what is on the Internet on their own so that they can help their child acquire “Internet Literacy”. It is important that parents are kept up to date on the latest technology and sites so that they can protect their children from the dangers online. Let’s take the time to communicate with our children and understand what they are interested in. This will help us use the Internet properly.

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