3 Fun Classes During Which Children Can Learn English (or Japanese) – Let’s Enjoy Learning English (or Japanese)!


Incorporating English (or Japanese) into your daily life is a very effective way to learn the language. Therefore, parents who want their children to excel in English (or Japanese) are encouraged to provide an environment where their child can listen to and speak the language in their daily lives. Learning hobbies in English (Japanese) is actually a great way to improve understanding so many people choose to take lessons in their favorite hobby in a foreign language. In this article, we will introduce some classes that can be taken in English (or Japanese) and will help improve foreign language understanding in a fun environment. All these classes are open to parents and children so they are a great way for both of you to pick up English (or Japanese).

英語で習える習い事3つ 楽しみながら英会話を覚えよう!

Kill 2 Birds with One Stone by Learning Your Favorite Hobby in English (or Japanese)

・Cooking Classes
Attending cooking classes in English (or another foreign language) is a popular way to pick up the language. Many cooking lessons are taught by teachers who teach in their native language. There are even lessons taught by foreign chefs and top global chefs so participants can brush up on their cooking skills while learning English (or another foreign language) at the same time. Most lessons can be taken on a one-time basis so it is an easy hobby to pick up.

・Tea Ceremony
Tea ceremony has a strong Japanese cultural image so it is hard to believe that it can be linked to English learning. However, there are many tea ceremony lessons that are held in English for foreign tourists. Tea ceremony is very popular among foreign tourists so it is a great way not only to learn English but also to make friends from different countries. Taking tea ceremony lessons is a great way for Japanese parents and children to learn about their own culture and English at the same time. Taking the lessons in Japanese is a great way for expats to learn about Japanese culture and pick up some Japanese at the same time.

Yoga is a popular lesson like English and cooking classes.

If the yoga instructor is from a foreign country, students may have the option to attend the class in English rather than Japanese. Since it is possible to choose classes with a limited number of participants, the activities can be individualized to fit your personal needs and help you improve. Also, after many yoga classes the participants hang out and have refreshments so it is a good way to make new friends and practice speaking the language.

In addition to the activities mentioned above there are also flower arrangement, dance and art lessons. In our global society, there are more and more activities to choose from that offer the chance to learn English (or another foreign language) while taking on new hobbies. It is a good idea to first choose they type of lesson you would like to attend and then search if they have lessons in English (or other foreign languages).

It is important to place yourself in an environment where you will use English (other languages)

Parents who want to be able to use English (foreign language) better themselves and encourage their children to like learning English (foreign language) should search out lessons like those mentioned above where parents and children can learn a language in a fun environment. Children pick up new languages very quickly so attending children’s classes in English (foreign language) will allow them to learn new vocabulary while having fun. At the beginning, they may become nervous but they will loosen up as soon as they get used to the new environment. Let’s take this opportunity to try new programs that use English (foreign languages).

英語で習える習い事3つ 楽しみながら英会話を覚えよう!
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