It is important to raise children with a high IQ as well as a high EQ


Most parents have heard the word “IQ” (Intelligence Quotient) before. People tend to think that the higher one’s IQ the smarter they are. However, recently, in addition to IQ one’s EQ has also become a popular topic of conversation. In this article, we will explain what EQ is, why having a high EQ has become an expectation and how we can raise our children to have high EQ.

IQだけじゃダメ!  早いうちから育みたい「EQ」とは

What is “EQ”?

EQ is the abbreviation of “Emotional Intelligence Quotient” and was announced in a joint paper written by Americans Peter Salovey and John Mayer, which was published in 1989. In the paper, they stated that people’s actions and movements are decided based on their emotions and psychological state. EQ is defined as the ability to effectively control and use one’s emotions. The paper also stated that through understanding and practice it is possible to raise one’s EQ.

Why do we value EQ?

Until now, having a high IQ and being able to process and analyze things successfully led to receiving good results and grades. However, according to recent surveys, we have learned that just having a high IQ does not lead to success. To improve labor productivity it is essential for workers to make use of their emotions and the emotions of those around them. This is the main reason why our society has come to value EQ as well as IQ.

Individuals are able to make the right decisions and take the right actions in various situations when they understand their current emotional state and prevent their emotions from getting in the way of their actions. Having a high EQ enables us to grasp the emotional state of those around us and take actions that will be positive for all sides. Being able to communicate smoothly with peers and co-workers makes it easier to take advantage of everyone’s skills and succeed in both work tasks and personal relationships. Having effective communication skills is important for both public and private

How does one’s EQ develop?

EQ is a combination of the following 3 intellects : « emotional intellect », « human interaction intellect » and « situational judgement intellect ».

Emotional intellect is the ability to understand your own feelings and emotions.
Human interaction intellect is the ability to effectively encourage others.
Situational judgement intellect is the ability to acknowledge the situation of oneself and others at the same time.

Usually people are born with these intellects but depending on the education method used they can also be taught. When children enter school and society, the higher these intellects are the better so it can’t hurt if parents remember how to improve their child’s EQ. Methods on how to improve EQ and how to raise children with a higher EQ can be found in the next article “How to raise one’s EQ” so please take a look.

IQだけじゃダメ!  早いうちから育みたい「EQ」とは