Two Reasons Toddlers Should Have Access to PCs


Many parents are worried about allowing their children to have access to PCs from a young age. However, there are many benefits that young children can gain from using a PC. In this article, we will share the benefits and cautions related to the use of PCs by young children.


Benefits of Using a PC from a Young Age

1.There is no interference with your child’s creativity
Many children begin to draw pictures early. Parents need to prepare the room so that it does not get dirty and provide their children with crayons. However, even if the floor, walls and tables are protected, children always find a way to make a mess and write on the sofa, table, wall or floor and cause their parents to get angry.

There are many apps that allow children to choose their favorite color to paint a picture using the PC. This helps parents avoid spending time on preparations and worrying about their children making a mess in the house. Children can also focus on using their imaginations and creativity without worrying about getting dirty. Using the PC also makes it easy for children to see their finished product which improves their self-confidence and satisfaction.

2.Using a PC will expand your child’s interests
Children often ask the question “why?”. “Why is the sky blue?”, “Why do rabbits have red eyes?” Parents can answer some of these questions but other questions leave them wondering how to explain the answers to their children. When it comes to finding answers to difficult questions, if parents are near a PC they can look up the answer together with their child and discuss the answer with them. This will encourage children to go and look the answer up when they do not know something.

Also, using a PC every day will help children gain interest in programming. In addition, many children become interested in languages by watching videos.

What should parents be careful about when letting their children use the PC

It is important for parents to set rules for PC usage such as 20-minute limit per day, not entering personal information and talking to a parent when something happens. Parents should also watch what their child is doing on the PC. Once children can use the PC on their own it is important for parents to use filtering applications to prevent them from accessing sites which are not appropriate.

While children gain benefits from using the PC, use of the PC also sometimes causes children to have difficulty in forming personal relationships. It is important for parents to understand that the PC is only one tool for educating your child. It is also important for children to attend mommy and me and drop-off classes, play with friends in the park, use instruments and sing and dance and have plenty of opportunities to interact with children their age and grown-ups, other than their parents.

Stopping your child from using the PC because it is dangerous or on the opposite side allowing them to use it with no controls is not a good idea. Parents should set rules and limits and use the PC with their child so that everyone can benefit.

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