IT engineers around the world need to read & speak English!


Today, where technology is becoming a more important part of everyday life, there is an increased need for IT engineers. Although becoming an IT engineer is definitely a possible future profession for children, it is often disregarded because of its strong science image. However, to become a successful engineer, candidates are required to have strong English skills in addition to professional knowledge and technical skills. Which situations require IT engineers to have English skills? In this article, we will explain the importance of English skills for IT engineers.

ITエンジニアにも英語は必要! 小さいうちから英語力を鍛えよう

English skills are required to follow the latest IT information

Google, Yahoo!, Apple, Intel, Facebook and Twitter are famous, global IT companies. These companies all have their headquarters in the Silicon Valley, which is in California, USA. As a result, most of the cutting-edge IT and computer-related information originates in the Silicon Valley. There are IT companies around the world but based on scale and influence no place compares to the Silicon Valley. The foreign media are known for delivering new technology and product information the quickest. So even if you live and work in Japan, as an IT engineer, it is important for you to be able to read and understand English as much as possible.

Sharing IT information is part of an engineer’s job

English is the standard language in the IT industry so even when sending IT information from Japan it is best practice to use English. When developing new IT technology, engineers can often share the technology not only in Japan but around the world. When new IT technology is released in the world market, someone needs to make an English presentation. Rival companies exist in the English-speaking market so if Japanese companies want to compete in the world market they need employees who can speak English.

English ability is required for engineers to develop global strategies

40% of Japanese IT companies require engineers to have English language skills. Most of these companies are global companies that are involved in global strategy so they need staff who can communicate in English. Of course, there is a demand for IT engineers here in Japan as well. However, even in Japan, IT engineers who are proficient in English have more opportunity then those who are not.

Proficiency in English will expand our children’s options but it takes time to learn a new language. The earlier children start learning a foreign language the better so it is important for parents to expose their children to language education as soon as possible.

ITエンジニアにも英語は必要! 小さいうちから英語力を鍛えよう
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