Preparing a good reading environment at home is a good way to encourage your child to develop a love of reading


In our current society where younger people are moving away from reading, many parents feel the need to raise their children to grow up with a love of reading. What can parents do to encourage their children to enjoy reading? The key is developing a reading environment from a young age. In this article, we will introduce some tips for encouraging young children to enjoy reading and books.


Getting in the habit of reading will affect your child’s vocabulary

Children who read are said to be smarter but does reading improve one’s academic ability?

Texas University performed research on a Phillipines elementary school where students were separated into two groups: one group which participated in a reading marathon and one group that did not participate in the reading marathon. They then compared the number of books read and the grades of the students in both groups. The results showed that children who participated in the reading marathon had better grades in language studies but their grades in science and math did not differ. Does this mean that reading does not have an impact on school grades?

This was the result of research performed by Texas University on elementary school children. The research was performed within a limited amount of time, but the results show that first graders who read lots of books had a vocabulary of over 7,000 words while children who did not read as much had a vocabulary of only 2,000 words which is a 5,000 word difference. The more books children read the greater their vocabulary.

Having a large vocabulary means that they can grasp even difficult concepts. The depth of one’s vocabulary has a large effect on his/her level of understanding.

Allow your child to choose books on his/her own

How can parents encourage their children to love books and reading? For children who do not like books, it is important that parents allow them to choose the books on their own. It is OK if the book they choose is not on the suggested reading list or recommended by their teacher. It is important that children have many experiences where they feel that books are interesting. It is a good idea to take your child to the library where he/she can choose from a large assortment of books. If children feel that libraries are fun places to hang out they are more likely to become interested in books and reading.

Children who dislike reading will try to avoid reading books at all costs. However, this will sometimes change if the book is written about a topic they are interested in. For example, if they like dinosaurs try finding a book about dinosaurs for them to read. If they like learning about space, try finding a book about space and aliens.

Also, many children like to read with their mom until they are in the middle of elementary school. They want to share their favorite books with their parents. So please make sure to share some of your time with them.


Give them many opportunities to interact with books

It is important to interact with books as much as possible when your children are young. If your house is full of games and your family is always watching TV, then your children will tend to be attracted to TV and games. Please make sure you have a lot of books at home and give them the option of reading a book when they are bored.

It is also important that parents act as a role model and show their children that they enjoy reading. When children see that their parents choose books instead of watching TV and looking at their phone, they will think that books are fun and should be read rather than listened to.

Children who grow up in a family where reading is fun and there are plenty of books to choose from will be more likely to enjoy reading when they are older. If it is hard to create this environment at home then bringing your child to the library or attending classes where books are read is also a good idea.