Making learning dance fun and safe! 3 benefits of teaching your child dance!


Dance is often thought of as a hobby or something fun to do. But is really more than just that. Dance is actually a very good subject for children to learn and has many more benefits than parents are aware of.

In this article, we will introduce 3 benefits of dance.

楽しく安全に! 子どもにダンスを習わせるメリット3つ

1. Since dance is a full-body exercise it helps children gain coordination

When we dance, we use our whole body so learning dance effects our coordination. One reason that dance has become a mandatory subject in Japanese junior high schools is because it is safer than martial arts but also has a beneficial impact on exercise and body coordination. This makes dance a great subject for children to learn in a day where more and more children are not getting enough exercise.

Parents who question whether dance actually makes you stronger should take a look at the body of a professional dancer. Professional dancers have bodies with no unneeded fat that are in a perfect dimension. Dance makes use of all of our muscles equally, which is great for body development.

When children start sports in the future, have a foundation from dance will be very useful.

2. Dance improves our sense of rhythm

Having a good sense of rhythm is important for learning dance. Many people believe that children are born with a sense or rhythm but this is not true. Some children have a better sense of rhythm than others when they are born but children can improve their sense of rhythm through practice and training.

Starting dance lessons when your child is young will be beneficial not only in a musical environment but also is daily life such as improving their communication skills.

楽しく安全に! 子どもにダンスを習わせるメリット3つ

3. Dance also helps children improve their presentation and imagination skills

In our global society, people are often expected to have different ideas and use their imagination in daily life. Dance helps children gain these needed skills.

In order to be able to think outside the box and use their imaginations they will need to learn which rules are able to broken and which are not. Although dance moves and formations often look like they are less direct than they should be, they are actually important in teaching children which parts of the dance are fixed and which are flexible. Being able to perform what they learned while thinking out of the box and adding their own dance movements, is a great way for children to improve their presentation and imagination skills.

Taking your child to a variety of children’s classes like dance, painting and English is a great way for children to have new experiences. Parents who would like their child to learn dance are encouraged to take their child to classes where they can enjoy music and rhythm first before signing them up for dance lessons.

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