Are Wall Posters Effective for Learning?


Study posters are often included in children’s study books. Many parents question whether they are effective. However, research shows that these posters are effective in making learning fun for your younger children. In this article, we will introduce the benefits of using study posters at home.


What are Study Posters?

Study posters are studying material that are placed on the wall and help children learn. There are many kinds of study posters available so parents should choose posters that are the appropriate level for their child. For example, [Hiragana] and [Number] posters are good for children who are in nursery school and kindergarten.If parents think the content will be fun and easy to learn then it is the right poster.

Why is it easy to remember study posters?

People often forget things they learned as times goes by. To prevent this, it is important to repeat what you learn as much as possible so the knowledge sticks in your brain. Placing a study poster in a location that is visited on a daily basis will encourage your child to look at the poster frequently which will help him/her remember the contents.

Younger children often go to the bathroom or take a bath with their parents. This will encourage children to look at the poster with their parents and talk about what it says.
Speaking about what one learns is a great way to help remember it.

How can parents incorporate effective study posters?

Placing the study poster in a location that catches the eye and where there is little diversion is key. Examples of locations that catch the eye are the toilet room or the bath room where children go on a regular basis. Depending on the location of the poster, children will learn to focus on the poster naturally as soon as they enter the room.

Locations which are not full of distractions such as a TV or toys are recommended. If these items catch a child’s attention it will be difficult for them to pay attention to the poster.

One main benefit of study posters are that children can use them to learn in a fun and natural way. Let’s make sure we, as parents, take advantage of this benefit as much as we can.

However, it is important that parents do not simply put up the poster but that they also work with their child to remember the contents by testing them and discussing what is written. This will make your child more interested in the contents which will help them remember it.

Study posters do not replace other types of studying. However, they are effective in attracting children’s interest in the content and are often used to make studying more fun. Using study posters correctly will help your child improve his/her knowledge while having fun.

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