3 Fun Activities to Enjoy with Your Little One in the Spring!


After being cooped up indoors during the winter, many families want to go outside as soon as the Spring weather comes. Spring is the perfect season to take walks, play outside and admire the flowers and other plant life. As soon as the weather starts to get warm, it is a good idea for families to get outside and take part in Spring-like activities with their little ones. In this article, we will introduce the benefits of outdoor

過ごしやすい春ならでは!  子どもに教えてあげたい春の遊び3つ

Benefits for children of Playing Outside During the Spring Weather

Spring is a great season to explore nature (flowers blooming, bugs and animals moving around, etc.). Children can stimulate their five senses by looking at and smelling the beautiful flowers, listening to the birds chirp and touching the leaves and ladybugs. Flowers and leaves make great play props and can be used for pretend play and art projects. Stimulating the five senses and creative is effective in encouraging children to be more curious and to use their imaginations.

3 Recommended Activities for the Springtime

1. Going on a hunt for spring grass and flowers and other living things

In the spring, we can see grass and flowers growing in the park and on the sidewalks and butterflies, ladybugs and other living things moving all around. When children find various objects, parents should ask them questions, like “what kind of flower is it?” “What color is it?” “What kind of insect is it?” to encourage their curiosity and interest in learning. If they find a flower or living thing that you haven’t seen before when walking through the park, parents can take a photo of it and look it up later in a book or on the Internet.

2. Use real flowers to make a flower pressing at home

Many beautiful and colorful flowers bloom in the spring. Let’s try using them to make flower pressings at home. If you laminate the flower pressings you can make them into cards and glue them onto paper to create a spring nature collage.
<How to make a Flower Pressing>
1. Fold the flower petals in kitchen paper or tissue paper
2. Place 1 in the middle of a book and place more heavy books on top of the book
3. The flower pressing will be complete after the book is left in a moisture-free room for 4-5 days

3. Play with the cherry blossom petals

The coming of spring means the coming of cherry blossoms in Japan. Children love catching the falling cherry blossoms in the spring winds. Using a big handkerchief is a great idea. Making it into a contest and counting how many petals everyone caught or having a cherry blossom fight is always fun. It also looks pretty if everyone throws his or her cherry blossom petals into the air at the same time. Going cherry blossom viewing as a large group with friends and family makes the season even more fun. Bringing the petals home and watching them float in a glass of water or in the bathtub is also very pretty.

Children can learn a lot from playing outside in nature. These are things that they cannot learn from playing with toys or watching TV. They can experience spring while playing as well as enhance their curiosity and imagination. Please find the time to go out and experience the outdoors with your children.

過ごしやすい春ならでは!  子どもに教えてあげたい春の遊び3つ
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