What is the best age to give your child his/her own room?


When children are young and need their parents’ support there seems to be little need for them to have their own room. However, when they start going to school and want their own independence having their own room to study in, play in and sleep in is important. So what is the best age to give your child his/her own room?


At 10 years old, children begin to gain their independence so it is a good time to give them their own room

A major reason for families with children to move or renovate is because they want to provide their child with his/her own room. Research shows that 80% of 1st and 2nd graders have their own room. However in Japan, 6% of children start using their own room from 3rd or 4th grade, 18% of children start using their own room from 5th or 6th grade and 60% of children start using their own room from junior high school.
Since the majority of children start using their own room for studying, sleeping and playing from the end of elementary school, we believe that the best time to give your child his/her own room is from when your child is around 10 years old.

Giving your child his/her own room will help him/her gain their independence

Children’s rooms are not only for studying but based on their age the room often becomes the base of their life at home. So the more a child spends in his/her own room the more independent he/she becomes.

Vice versa, having their own room will allow children to gain their independence.
Having a sense of independence will help them solve problems on their own. Since their parents will not be there to step in everytime something gets difficult, they will work hard to solve the problems on their own. Without a sense of independence, children will give up when things get bothersome, blame what happens on others and not have a clear goal for themselves. Therefore, it is important that parents help their children gain a sense of independence as they grow up. One way to do this is to give them their own room at the appropriate time.

Some steps to take to help your child move to his/her own room smoothly

Even if moving to their own room will give them a sense of independence, if parents force their child to move to their own room they may react negatively. It is important for parents to prepare properly before encouraging their child to use their own room.
When children are in daycare, kindergarten or the beginnning years of elementary school, parents should start by getting their child in the habit of putting their own bag, uniform away. When they enter elementary school, children should be in charge of their own bag, books, notes and homework papers. Parents should only help until they are used to their new lifestyle to prevent their child from becoming dependent on them.If parents encourage their children to do things on their own from a young age, it will be less likely that they will fight moving into their own room when they get older.

It is best for children to move into their own room when they have gained their independence. Some children may show independence by being rebellious. Girls often become rebellious from Grade 3 and boys from Grade 5 so parents should provide them with their own room to go to from around these ages.