From what age should students take the TOIEC test? What is the content of the test?


The TOEIC test is currently used not only to determine an individual’s English ability but also an important factor when applying for university and for jobs. In this article, we will introduce the content of the test and its merits.

What kind of test is the TOEIC? How is it different than the TOEFL?

There are various tests that are used to determine an individual’s English ability.
One of the most well-known tests is the TOEIC 「Test of English for International Communication」because it measures an individual’s practical English knowledge. The questions are standardized and the test is currently taken in over 150 countries. One characteristic of the test is that students are given a score rather than just a pass or fail grade.

There are actually 3 types of TOEIC test, in Japan the test that is usually used is the [TOEIC Listening & Reading Test]. The questions are all in English on a special marksheet with 45 minutes of listening (100 questions) and 75 minutes of reading (100 questions for a total of 200 questions in 2 hours.

The TOEFL, on the other hand, is a test for students and is used to determine whether an individual is prepared to enter or graduate from school.

What are the advantages of taking the TOEIC test?

The contents and expected knowledge for the TOEIC and TOEFL are different and so are the strategies for studying for the tests. The results of the TOEIC test have more uses than the results of the TOEFL test. The TOEFL test is used as an indicator for determining whether a student is capable of studying abroad in an English speaking
country so the content is more academic. The TOEIC includes more phrases used in
everyday life in English speaking countries so it is a more practical indicator of an
individual’s English ability. An individual’s TOEIC score is often used when
determining entrance into university and/or positions at corporations or within the
government. So it is definitely an advantage to have a high TOEIC score when applying
for placement at schools or jobs. The TOEIC test is offered 10 times a year so it is
more convenient to take than the TOEFL test.

Is there an age limit for taking the TOEIC test?

Many tests have special requirements for being eligible to take the test or age
limits. However, the TOEIC has neither so anyone can take the test. Half of the
individuals who take the test are students and the other half are adults and the
majority of test takers are in the early 20’s. Test takers who are younger than
11 years old can receice special support if they contact the IIBC test center before
applying to take the test.
The test is offered many times a year and there is no limit on the number of times an
individual can take the test so individuals can try as many times as they like.
Although there is no limit on how many times the test can be taken, one’s score
becomes less relevant the longer one waits so it is normal to use results from within
2 years.

The TOEIC is more useful than other English language tests. It shows that how
practical an individual’s English ability is and is an advantage when applying for
schools and jobs. As a result, it is recommended that when starting to learn English
from a young age children take into consideration TOEIC test strategies as well.