Teaching Shy Children How to Make Friends


Children who have trouble speaking with those around them often also have trouble making new friends when they want to. For these children, it is important that parents help them make friends. In this article, we will introduce some tips to teach shy children that will help them make friends.


Use greetings like “good morning” and “bye-bye” on a regular basis

The first step for shy children to make new friends is to use greetings. By learning to use greetings on a daily basis, they will feel more comfortable talking to others naturally. Parents should teach their children to say a greeting when their eyes meet with others and practice using greetings on a daily basis.

Teach them how to say “Let’s Be Friends” on their own

For shy children, it is often hard to share their feelings with others. However, if they are alone all the time it will be difficult for them to make friends. When making friends, it is necessary to share one’s feelings and thoughts with those around you. The starting point is being able to say “Let’s be friends” to let others know that you want to play with them and enjoy being together. It is important for parents to practice saying the phrase at home so that children are prepared to say it when they want to.

Encourage them to interact with as many people as possible

Kindergartens, day care centers and extracurricular activities are places to go to meet children the same age. Please teach your child to try to interact with as many people as possible when he/she is at these locations. The more people they interact with the more friends they will be able to make and as a result the more they will develop their social skills. At the beginning, it is important to encourage children to not pick and choose but instead to try to become friends with everyone.

Parents often get worried if they learn that their child does not have any friends. However, it is important that parents do not share these feelings with their child. If children see this type of reaction, they will blame themselves and feel pressured. It is important that parents act positive and help their child make friends when possible.

In addition to teaching your child the tips introduced in this article, parents should help them put them into action. One example is to go with your child to the park and make mom friends so that you can get together as a family in the future. Another effective way to help your child make new friends is to go with him/her to an early learning center. It is easy to make friends with the other students in the class naturally. Please take these ideas into consideration for your child’s future development and growth.

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