4 activities to try outside during the rainy season!


Afraid that their child will get wet or dirty, many parents stay indoors on rainy days. Being forced to spend time indoors makes the rainy season stressful for active children who like to play outdoors.

However, there are plenty of opportunities to play outside during the rainy season. The play experience on a rainy day is very different than the experience on a sunny day. In this article, we will introduce some tips for playing outside on a rainy day with your child.

梅雨シーズンにこそ外遊びしてみよう! 雨の日の外遊びアイディア4つ

4 Activities to Try Outside on a Rainy Day

1. Play in the Puddles

Children love jumping in puddles. If they are wearing a raincoat and rainboots so that they can get dirty, please let them play as much as they want. You can even try floating leaves or flower petals or skipping small rocks in the puddles. What we see in the puddles is a different than what we see on a sunny day and it will be a good experience for your child.

2. Look for insects and animals that come out on rainy days

Although you may not see butterflies and roly-poly bugs on a rainy day, there are other insects and animals that only come out on rainy days. You may find a frog, snail, earthworm or a water slider. Look on the back of leaves or under the bushes to see what you can find. If you child finds a living thing he/she is bound to become interested and follow it around.

3. Play with bubbles

Many parents think that if their child plays with bubbles on a rainy day that the bubbles will pop as soon as they hit the water. However, sometimes the bubbles get bigger when they are combined with the falling rain. Sometimes bubbles float or sparkle on top of the puddles or your umbrella before they pop. Please try a different experience with bubbles and enjoy playing with your child in the rain with bubbles!

4.Try taking a picture created with non-permanent marker out in the rain

First create a drawing with a non-permanent marker at home. When you bring it outside in the rain, children will be amazed how the colors blend with each other. This is an activity that children cannot experience on a sunny day!

What should parents be careful about when playing in the rain with their child?

Many children have so much playing outside that they forget the time. Playing out in the rain for a long time can chill one’s body and lead to colds and fevers. So, when going out to play in the rain, it is a good idea to set your cell phone alarm and make sure you follow it. It is also good idea to prepare a towel in the entrance so that your child can dry off right away. Preparing the bath and washing your child and his/her clothes at the same time can be a fun activity to enjoy when you get home.

If parents say their child cannot play outside in the rain, they will form a negative image of rainy days. Rainy days are a chance to do activities that you cannot do on a sunny day! Please put on your raincoat and boots and enjoy playing outside in the rain with your child!