Using “Show and Tell” activities is a great way to improve your child’s English ability!


Do you know the “Show and Tell” study method?
Under this method, children choose their own subject and then explain why they chose it, what they know about it and how they feel about it to those around them. This method, which is a regular part of the school curriculum in the West, is known for improving children’s presentation skills and vocabulary. In this article, we will introduce how to effectively use “Show and Tell” to improve your child’s cognitive abilities.

子どもの英語学習にピッタリ! 「Show and Tell」を取り入れてみよう

What is “Show and Tell”?

Show and Tell is used a lot in foreign educational environments. Children begin by choosing a subject or item that they want to share. After choosing their favorite toy or storybook, they are given some time to present about the item they chose.

At first, many children have a hard time deciding what item to choose and what to say about it. However, once they get used to it, most children can’t wait for Show and Tell every week!
Westerners often have good presentation skills. One reason is because their educational system values activities like Show and Tell which require young children to present and have discussions.

What are the benefits of “Show and Tell” for children?

Many children can’t stop talking when they find a topic they know about. Children often want the people around them to pay attention to them and be interested in what they are doing or saying. When you give them the chance to fulfill these needs through “Show and Tell” you are letting them know that you understand their needs. “Show and Tell” activities improve children’s presentation, communication and logical skills. Many children who are shy were able to overcome their fears of speaking in front of people by practicing “Show and Tell”.

”Show and Tell” improves children’s language skills

When working on language skills it is important for the speaker to decide “who they want to teach” and/or “who they want to listen”. “Show and Tell” is a perfect way to practice language skills because it allows children to speak about what they want. We recommend that you use this activity at home with your children as well. If they are learning English, it is a good idea to have them try “Show and Tell” in English as well. This will help improve their English ability while having fun.

How can families use “Show and Tell” at home?

“Show and Tell” is easy to practice at home so please enjoy it with your children. First let them choose their favorite toy or snack/sweet and then tell them to explain why they chose it and what they like about it to you. When they finish their explanation, it is a good idea to ask them questions about the item they chose.
Sometimes, it is challenging if you ask them to choose something they dislike as well. This will help them learn how to express their negative feelings.

In our global society, English speaking and presentation skills are becoming more and more important. “Show and Tell” is a great activity to add to your child’s daily studies so he/she can practice using his/her own words to communicate. It is also a good idea to encourage your child to attend classes where he/she can practice with friends outside the home. Children can learn a lot from interacting with their peers and participating in mommy and me and drop-off classes. These classes will also help them explore various themes and improve their concentration, social and communication skills.

Participating in classes held in English will improve their English listening and speaking skills. When children practice doing “Show and Tell” in English in front of friends and teachers they are given a special experience. Please sign your child up for English classes so he/she can develop and grow and build a foundation for his/her future education.

家庭でのShow and Tellの実践方法は?