How can parents use children’s worksheets effectively? Let’s make learning fun!


Many families use children’s worksheets at home to encourage their child’s learning. For these worksheets to be effective, it is important that children are motivated to complete them. Therefore, parents should choose worksheets that best fit their child’s level and support their learning. In this article, we will introduce how to choose appropriate worksheets and how to use them effectively.

幼児ドリルの効果的な使い方は? 楽しみながら家庭学習を進めてみよう

What happens when my child isn’t motivated to finish the worksheets?

Many parents have had the experience where they bought or downloaded worksheets for their child only to find out that their child does not finish them. Children are often excited and motivated when their parents purchase the worksheets but once they start they lose interest. One reason for this is because worksheets often start off easy and get harder as you go along. When children can answer the questions on their own at the beginning, parents often stop supporting them. This leads children to give up when things get tough and they end up losing their motivation to continue.

How can parents help improve their child’s motivation?

It is hard for children to stay focused and try to solve difficult problems. They often lose their confidence and say that they cannot do it. Let’s start with easier worksheets and improve your child’s confidence. It is a good idea to try different types of worksheets so that your child can learn the various patterns which will help him/her with future studying. With enough practice, they will be able to solve questions they could not solve earlier. It is also important that parents stand by their child when he/she is doing the worksheets whenever possible. When they are having trouble be there to support them, so they do not lose their motivation.

It is not a good idea to force your child to do worksheets!

Many parents want their child to study at the same time every day. This is because once children enter elementary school, they will need to study and do homework according to a fixed schedule and they want to make sure they are prepared. However, if you force your child to study, they will feel negatively about it and fight it even more.
It is a good idea to use worksheets when children are interested in working on them. Parents can try introducing them when children are bored at home. It is not too late to develop good studying skills when they enter elementary school and understand how fun learning can be.

When using worksheets as a learning method, it is important that parents and children work together. Being able to finish a worksheet until the end leads to a feeling of accomplishment and self-confidence. Attending classes with other children during which there is worksheet time is a great way to practice using worksheets. For example, attending English classes will often include English worksheets to be done at home. Once your child is better able to understand English, he/she will feel more confident about and be more motivated to learn the language when they get older. If you want your child to benefit from learning English it is a good idea to attend English classes in addition to using daily worksheets.