Let’s go to the beach this Summer! Introducing 5 fun activities to try with your child!


Many families think about going to the beach during the Summer. Going to the beach is a great learning experience for children. They can try swimming in the big ocean and searching for marine life both in the water and in the sand.

When playing at the beach, it is important to take into consideration your child’s age and abilities. In this article, we will introduce fun and safe activities to do with your child(ren) at the beach this Summer.


Swim in the Ocean!

During the Summer, it is a great opportunity for children of all ages to try swimming in the ocean. Children who are still unable to swim can use floats to enjoy the ocean. Swimming with mom or dad until their feet do not reach the bottom is a great adventure for young children. If your child is attending swimming lessons, you can challenge them to swim out a little further. Using floats as a support, encourage your child to swim out as far as he/she can.

Explore under water using goggles!

Try using snorkeling googles and exploring under water. To see clearly it is a good idea to find a location that is a little further from the beach where the water is more transparent. Watching the floating seaweed and swimming fish is an easy way to experience what it is like to go diving. For children who don’t want to put their face in the water, it is a good idea to prepare an aqua scope for them to use instead.

Have fun in the dry and wet sand!

Many parents discourage their children to play in the mud (wet sand) because it will get their shoes and clothing dirty. However, if they are on the beach and in a bathing suit it is easy to wash the sand away, so they can play as much as they want. Digging a hole and burying part of their body is something that can only be done at the beach. They can also have new experiences such as feeling how heavy sand gets when it is wet and watching the tide break their sand castle.

Search for living things you can only find at the beach!

You can find living things at the beach that you cannot find in the mountains or at the river. Try to find hermit crabs, crabs, starfish and jellyfish near the water with your child. Some children may become interested in collecting seashells. Examining jellyfish and dead fish is an important form of learning for young children. When looking for animals it is a good idea to bring a net and/or bucket. Some living animals have poison so make sure to teach your child that they should ask before touching.

Play beach flag tag in the sand!

“Beach Flag Tag” is a game where players put a flag in the sand and then race to it. If you do not have a flag it is OK to use a PET Bottle or Water Bottle. It is a good idea to create a difference between the length children run and adults run. For example, making a rule that adults run twice around the flag before they grab it.

It is possible to get hurt when playing on the beach so make sure that you pay attention to everyone’s safety. It is also important for parents to make sure everyone is protected from UV rays by using sunscreen, rash guard, tents and drinking plenty of liquids. When parents are prepared, playing at the beach is one of the most fun activities families can do during the Summer.