4 Tips for Parents to Keep in Mind When Their Child is Drawing


Drawing improves children’s imagination, sense of expression and their emotional skills. Let’s encourage our children to draw whenever possible. When parents watch their child draw they often interfere. However, if parents interfere too much, their child will be discouraged to be creative and may even start to dislike the activity. In this article, we will introduce tips for parents to keep in mind when they are watching their child draw.


4 Tips for Parents to Keep in Mind When Watching Their Child Draw

Don’t interfere too much
Parents often want to interfere when they see their child drawing. When parents see the drawing without even knowing it, they often try to judge it. For example, when they make a face, parents often comment about there not being a nose or ears or the location of the facial parts or even about the colors used. However, when parents make comments, they may be inhibiting their child’s imagination and form of expression. As a result, when children are creating their own drawing it is best to not interfere.

Don’t compare your child’s artwork with others
Many parents compare their child’s artwork with that of other children. Such a comparison should be avoided because it makes children feel that their artwork is not good enough. It also gives children a negative feeling towards drawing. Comparing children’s artwork and stating your opinion encourages self-confidence and satisfaction when your child did a good job drawing. Parents should understand that all art is created differently and should find areas to compliment when possible.

Don’t get angry about mistakes
When drawing, it is not unusual to make a mess and get the table, floors and even your clothing dirty. However, it is important that parents do not get angry when this happens. When parents get angry about mistakes and messes, it will give children a negative feeling about drawing. It is a good idea to lay out old newspapers and wear old clothing, so you do not have to worry about the mess.

Please give your children as many different experiences as possible
Children like to draw what they see and experience in their daily lives. As a result, the more experiences they have the more content they will have to use in their drawings. One way to enjoy more new experiences is to attend mommy and me or drop-off lessons. For children who like drawing, it is a good idea to encourage them to attend art classes. Although music and sports are not directly related to art, when children attend these types of classes they can use their experiences in their drawings as well.

It is important that parents encourage children to like drawing and enjoy doing it. Parents can do this by encouraging their child to draw freely and support them without inhibiting their creativity and style.