3 Cautionary Steps to Take When Playing Outside with Your Children during the summer


During summer vacation, children enjoy playing outside and will have opportunities to go to the pool, attend festivals and maybe even go camping. However, summer activities can lead to injury or sickness if parents are not careful. In this article, we will introduce some cautions parents should take to ensure that their child is safe during the summer.

夏の外遊びには要注意! 子どもとお外に行くときの注意点3つ

How to keep your child from getting heat stroke

Parents should be cautious about heat stroke and dehydration during the summer months. Children often have higher body temperatures than adults and the bodies of younger children are not developed enough to control their body temperature so they are more likely to get heat stroke and dehydration. It is important for parents/adults to make sure that the children around them drink lots of water, wear hats to protect their heads and avoid being out in the hot sun for a long time. Drinking lots of liquids (water, mugicha or sports drink) is very important and it is best for children to drink slowly, a little at a time. Signs of dehydration are crying with no tears coming out, little pee and no sweat so let’s be on the lookout.

Water play can be dangerous!

Many families go to the pool, river and/or ocean during the summer. However during water play, simple accidents can cause a tragedy. It is important that an adult is always nearby and watching when children play in the water.
It is possible for a young child to drown in a pool that is filled with only 20 cm of water. It is a good idea to put non-slip strips on the bottom of the baby pool. When playing in the river or ocean, it is a good idea for children to wear water sandals so that they don’t injure their feet on the rocks or slip on the seaweed. It is also easier to catch a cold after playing in the water so it is a good idea for parents to have a long sleeve shirt and towel available.

How to avoid getting burned when playing outside

When playing outside in the park during the summer, the play equipment and sand is often very hot and can sometimes cause burns. Play equipment like the swings and jungle gym are often made of steel which absorbs the heat from the sun. Parents should touch the equipment before letting their child use it. Even if it feels only a little hot to you, if a child uses it for an extended period of time he/she may get burned. The sand in the sandbox also absorbs the heat of the sun and can therefore get very hot. When playing outside in the summer, it is best to find parks that are in the shade and do not directly absorb the sun rays.

Parents need to prepare a lot of things when going outside with their children on a hot day. However, it is important to avoid accidents and protect them from illness. Playing outside during the summer will give your child lots of great memories. Please take the cautionary steps introduced in this article into consideration the next time you go out with your little ones this summer!

意外と多い!? 外遊びでのヤケドを防ぐには
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