Learning Activity Options for Working Parents


Many working parents are worried that they are not exposing their little one to enough learning experiences. The biggest hurdle working parents have is finding the time to take their child to lessons. However, if working parents maintain their work life balance, they should be able to expose their child to early learning. In this article we will introduce some early learning methods that working parents can start right away.


What kind of early learning activities can working parents do with their child?

When both parents are working, the family wakes up at a fixed time and gets ready for the day and when they come home they work together to handle the household chores and talk to each other about their days, it looks everyone is leading a regular daily life style. However, just by maintaining this lifestyle, working parents are exposing their children to early learning. When both parents are working, the family must work efficiently to finish chores in a limited amount of time it is easy for children to adapt to their parents’ life rhythm. Learning how to adapt to a life rhythm from a young age is very important for developing social skills. From an early learning standpoint establishing this type of home environment is very productive.

Lets find learning opportunities in our daily life!

Early learning is not only about studying, learning piano or learning a sport. There are lots of early learning opportunities hidden in our daily life. For example, having children help with household chores is one example of early learning. Children gain self-confidence by knowing that they accomplished a task and were praised for their hard work. They can also experience what it feels like to be useful to someone.

It is also effective to add some educational play activities after dinner before bath time. You can try doing puzzles, reading picture books and playing educational games each night and repeat activities that your child enjoys. Continuing these activities each day, even if it is for a limited time is effective.

Participate in weekend classes and events as a family!

Some early learning centers hold trial lessons and off-site events on the weekends and holidays. Attending these classes and events as a family is a great way to spend time together and enjoy learning new things. With mom or dad by his/her side, your child will gain the confidence he/she needs to learn English while strengthening his/her bond with you. Attending weekend classes and events will also help you and your child determine his/her interests. Singing songs, dancing and playing with their family and friends will stimulate your child’s brain while he/she is having fun.

Some working parents feel guilty that they are not spending enough time with their child. However, this is not necessary. Giving your child the chance to communicate with people of different ages and backgrounds is a great way for them to gain social skills and seeing that their parents are working hard for society will make them feel proud. Working parents should feel confident with their choices and take advantage of the time they have to spend with their children.