3 Ways to Get Your Child to Sleep Successfully!


Do you have trouble getting your child to sleep at night? According to research, more than 70% of parents experience trouble getting their child to sleep at one point. A good night of sleep is essential for a child’s growth. So parents want to make sure that they create a habit of getting a good night of sleep from a young age. In this article, we will introduce some ways to get children to go to sleep successfully.

寝かしつけのコツはこれ! ねんねを誘う3つの方法

Children’s daily activities have a large impact on their sleeping habits

Whether people can sleep soundly at night is said to have a lot to do with the movement of their automatic nerves. There are two types of automatic nerves, “sympathetic nerves” and “parasympathetic nerves” and they both work together with one’s body clock. At night, since the “parasympathetic nerves” are predominant, we can sleep soundly. That is why it is important to make sure that the “parasympathetic nerves” are predominant before bedtime. Whether our “parasympathetic nerves” are predominant or not is largely impacted by how we spend the day. If we get enough sunlight and exercise during the day, which works our “sympathetic nerves”, our “parasympathetic nerves” will be ready to take over in the evening. This proves that the first step is to make sure children get enough exercise and outside play time during the day.

Giving your child a sense of security is important when trying to get them to bed

To sleep soundly is it necessary for one’s nerves to be relaxed, which means that children are relaxed and feel secure. Parents should avoid getting angry at and using a loud voice with their children before they go to bed. When children feel calm and secure it will be easier to put them to bed. Hugging your child or sitting next to them when reading a book is also effective. Rubbing their head or back or holding their hand while looking directly at them will make them feel more secure and help them realize that their mom or dad is near them.

Some days children will have trouble going to sleep!

Sometimes parents try lots of different methods to get their child to sleep but none of them work and their child ends up continuing to play with their toys or read their book. When this happens, parents can try saying “let’s continue playing tomorrow” and try singing their child a lullaby before putting the lights out. A parent’s voice often calms children down and makes them ready to close their eyes. Even daycare centers use a lullaby to put children to sleep.

Parents will feel more relaxed when they can put their child to sleep successfully. Let’s try to set our body clocks and arrange our daily activities accordingly. If you are having trouble putting your child to sleep at night, please go ahead and try some of the suggestions from this article.

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