Let’s start English learning from age 0! How to help your child develop an ear for English.


In order for children to develop an ear for English, it is important that they are exposed to the language from an early age. Being able to master the language will offer your child many opportunities when he/she gets older. Exposing children to English learning activities that improve their listening ability from a very young age will help them learn the language when they get older. In this article, we will introduce the benefits of starting English language learning from 0 years old and effective learning methods for this age group.

0歳から英語を始めよう! 英語を聞き分ける「英語耳」を育てる方法

If you are going to learn English, the earlier the better!

Babies can differentiate between their mom’s voice and other people’s voices as soon as they are born. As they develop, their ability to differentiate between a wide range of voices and sounds expands.
For adults learning the English language, the differentiation between the sounds of [L] and [R] is very difficult. This is because as we get older we lose our ability to differentiate between similar sounds. However, babies’ ears are more flexible and they have less difficulty distinguishing between similar sounds.

The benefits of starting English learning as a baby

Babies are able to grasp the English language more easily because they have ears that can distinguish correct English pronunciation. Young children who have good English listening skills will be more interested in learning the language. When teaching young children English, it is important that they learn the language in a fun environment that will keep their interest in learning the language. Forcing them to study English when they are not interested will give them a negative feeling toward the language. Let’s make English learning fun and interesting when working with young children.

How to improve the English ability of babies

Babies between the age of 6-8 months can best distinguish between similar pronunciations and they start to lose this ability between the age of 10-11 months. Research shows that by the age of 1 year old, children lose most of their ability to distinguish between similar pronunciations. Babies who are exposed to appropriate English learning from 0 years old are able to develop better English listening skills. However, it is difficult to grasp the difference between English and Japanese from watching DVDs or using the Internet. It is essential that babies are exposed to live native level speakers of English from the age of 0.

Babies who have not yet developed their own language skills are able to absorb the pronunciation of native speakers of English. The more babies hear native English speakers when they are 0 years old the better their English ability will be when they get older.
In our global society, children today will need to speak and understand English to succeed. Parents who want their children to have good English skills should start by exposing their babies to the language from a very early age by attending classes where English is spoken by native instructors.

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