Enjoying sports as a family! Some tips for improving your child’s coordination!


Many parents want to improve their child’s coordination but are uncertain how to best teach them sports. If you want your child to be good at sports, it is important to include plenty of opportunities to do sports and exercise in their daily life. In this article we will introduce ways that parents can enjoy sports with their children while improving their child’s coordination.

親子でスポーツを楽しむ! 子どもの運動神経を伸ばすためのポイント

How can parents improve their child’s coordination?

Some parents avoid having their child participate in sports because they themselves are not coordinated or good at sports. However, research shows that how coordinated someone is based on the amount and types of sports they were involved in from a young age rather than being solely based on one’s genes. Children with parents who are coordinated and good at sports are more likely to play sports from a young age which helps them improve their coordination. Parents do not need to worry about which sports they choose for their child. It is best to choose sports activities that are age-appropriate and improve their child’s basic coordination.

Try using a bicycle when leaving the house as a family

Many families use a bicycle for short shopping trips and this is a great way to get some exercise. When going out with a bicycle, there is no need to worry about traffic or spend money on gas and it is also good for the environment. Children will feel that moving around by bicycle is a fun form of recreation. Let’s try to use bicycles whenever possible.

Make exercising and stretching as a family a daily routine

Parents who are not confident participating in heavy exercise with their children can easily incorporate stretching and gymnastics. Parents should try to spend at least 10-20 minutes a day on stretching and gymnastics.
Performing these simple activities first thing in the morning will prepare your body for the day ahead. Adding brisk walking or jogging in the park as a daily activity is also effective. Stretching after your bath in the evening is a great way to settle down for the evening. When families converse when stretching or doing gymnastics, they can tighten their relationship as a family.

Participating in sports classes for children is also effective

Attending early learning classes that focus on sports is a great way to improve your child’s coordination. These classes are developed to encourage children to have fun while learning sports and the activities often help improve children’s coordination. It is recommended to expose children to various sports rather than limiting them to one type of sport. Through a variety of sports and exercise challenges, children will experience many kinds of movements and improve their coordination.

Parents should start simple sport activities with their children from a young age. Trying different types of sports during early learning classes is a great way to find out which sports your child is good at and/or enjoys. When families do sports together, they provide children with the opportunity to learn healthy habits and improve their coordination.

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