Why do we distribute candy on Halloween?


Many children have dressed up in costume and received candy at a Halloween event. However, why is it that children receive candy on Halloween in the first place? If you teach your child the history of Halloween, they will become more interested in the holiday and enjoy events even more. In this article, we will explain why we distribute candy in Halloween in a way that children can easily understand.

Why do we distribute candy on Halloween?

Halloween activities have a long history behind them

During Halloween, children often dress up in costume and walk around the neighborhood to receive candy. “Trick or Treat” (if you don’t give me a treat I will play a trick on you) is one of the most popular activities among children during Halloween. Some people may think that this activity was started by a candy maker but actually it has a long religious history.

Why do we distribute candy during Halloween?

For Catholics, 11/1 is a holiday called “All Hollows’ Day”. The night before this holiday is called “All Hallows Eve”. This evening was called Halloween at one point in history and the name has been used ever since. During “All Hallows’ Eve” ghosts and the dead wander around the neighborhood and scare the children and disrupt the fields. To bring peace to the evening, people started to distribute candy to the ghosts and the dead and ask them to return to the land of the living. This was the start of the popular “trick or treat” activity performed during Halloween.

There are a lot of stories behind Halloween activities

On Halloween, children dress up in costume and go around the neighborhood saying “trick or treat”. The meaning behind this activity is to use sweets to bring out the bad. The origin of this activity is also said to be found in the Middle Ages Europe and the Catholics in America since they had customs to walk around the neighborhood distributing and eating food.

Let’s explain the origin of Halloween to our children so it is easy for them to understand

Grown-ups should explain the origin of “trick or treat” to children to help them enjoy Halloween even more. You can explain “Scary ghosts come out on Halloween. However, if we give them candy they will return to their world. So we all pretend that we are ghosts and receive candy.” “If we receive candy, the ghosts will disappear and we will have peace in the neighborhood.” Children will enjoy the activities of Halloween even more when they understand the reasons behind them.

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Attending Halloween events is a great way for you and your family to experience foreign culture. English language schools are a good place for young children to learn about foreign culture and events. If your child becomes interested in foreign culture from participating in Halloween activities, it might be a good time to bring him/her to English classes.

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