The Benefits for Children of Crafting with Teared Paper


The Japanese craft, “Chigiri-e”, is created by tear up colored paper and gluing it on paper to make a picture.
It is a popular craft among young Japanese children and is said to have positive effects on their cognitive development. In this article, we will cover the benefits of “Chigiri-e” and how you can enjoy the activity with your child.

ちぎり絵で知育! 子どもにもたらすメリットとは

Why is “Chigiri-e” educational? What are the benefits of the craft?

This craft where children tear up paper into small pieces and then glue it on paper has many benefits.

It supports dexterity

Tearing up paper into small pieces to make a “Chigiri-e”, like origami, requires children to use their fingers which supports their dexterity.

It stimulates the 5 senses and promotes brain development

Moving their fingertips stimulates children’s five senses (eyes, ears, touch, etc.) and activities their brains. They also benefit from seeing the final product and surprising their parents.

It supports the development of concentration skills and a sense of color

Tearing paper into small pieces requires concentration. Experimenting with different colors of paper will help children gain a sense of color and determine which size of paper to put where.

Ideas for parents to enjoy “Chigiri-e” with their children

It is easy to gather the materials needed (drawing paper, pencils, origami or Japanese paper and glue) for “Chigiri-e” as they are available at most stores and in many homes in Japan. Having a container to store the torn paper is also useful but not necessary.

It is a good idea to make a drawing on the paper first

Start by having your child or yourself draw a picture on the paper and then glue on the torn off paper. It is OK to let your child choose the color of origami paper to use. You will end up with a beautiful piece of work that you can frame and use to decorate your room with. For younger children, it is a good idea to let them choose what size to tear the paper but for older children parents can suggest to tear small and larger pieces. Some children may have difficulty tearing the paper so parents can support by making small cuts in advance.

You can use the craft for New Year’s Cards or Letters to Friends

When you make a “Chigiri-e”, it is a good idea to give it as a present to relatives or friends on a postcard or letter. You can even use it as a design on the back of a New Year’s Card. You can also use the design on letters for grandfathers, aunts, and other relatives.

Try making a “Chigiri-e” lampshade out of balloons

If you want to try making a 3D piece of work with your child, you can try creating a lampshade using balloons. For this project, you will need Japanese origami paper, wood glue, balloons, wires, and LED candles. Although it takes some time to create it is worth it at the end. 1. Make a wire ring that will be the mouth of the lampshade and inflate the balloon.
2. After pasting the balloon and wire with Japanese paper dilute the glue with a little water and apply it to the balloon.
3. Make sure to tear and paste the torn-up paper before the glue dries.
4. Once you have finished sticking Japanese paper on the whole balloon, apply more glue from above and let it dry completely. (5 days to a week)
5. Break the balloon inside and wrap the edge of the shade around with wire and use glue to fasten the bond.
6. Place the LED candle inside and your lampshade is complete.

Creating “Chigiri-e” from a young age has a positive effect on the brain. Parents and teachers should use a variety of games and activities to support the development of children’s intelligence and sensibility. Stimulating your child’s motivation will help encourage him or her to want to try more things on his/her own. In addition to playing at home, attending mommy & me and preschool classes is a good way to support your child’s development.