What do parents need to prepare for potty training? Let’s prepare and have fun!



Many parents start to think about potty training when their children are around 2-3 years old. Toilet training can be quick for some children but in many cases, it takes time and can be stressful for both parents and children. However, if parents are prepared, toilet training can be less stressful. In this article, we will share how parents can best prepare for toilet training.

トイレトレーニングに必要なものって? 準備をして楽しく挑戦しよう!

7 Things Parents Should Prepare Before Toilet Training

Child Toilet Seat

Although some children prefer to use a children’s potty, it is recommended that parents instead prepare a child toilet’s seat for toilet training. This is because the child toilet seat can be placed on the regular toilet so it takes up less space, is easier to wash and allows the child to sit directly on the regular toilet.

Stepping Ladder

Grown-up toilets are too high off the ground and young children are unable to touch the ground when sitting on it. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare a stepping ladder for children to put their feet on when either sitting on the toilet or standing near it (for boys).

Training Pants or Diapers

When children use training pants or diapers, they will feel uncomfortable when they are wet which will encourage them to go to the toilet naturally. Cloth toilet training pants often do not dry well after washing so many families use special diaper training pads instead.

Bed-wetting sheets

Preparing bed-wetting sheets on your child’s bed will protect the mattress and make it easier if your child makes a mistake when toilet training.

Plastic gloves and a bucket

Preparing plastic gloves and a bucket will make it easier to clean up if your child makes a mistake will toilet training.


Many parents prepare stickers to motive their child when toilet training. Giving your child a sticker whenever he/she uses the toilet properly will motivate them to keep trying. You can even buy special stickers and posters to be used for toilet training.

Picture Books

Preparing a picture book about toilet training to read together is a great idea. These books will teach children about using the toilet and motivate them to use it themselves.

Many parents about potty training their child. It is important to be prepared and take potty training slowly without rushing. Sending your child to preschool when they are old enough to start potty training is a great way for them to be in an encouraging environment where their peers are using the toilet.