What are the benefits of attending gymnastics classes for children?


Gymnastics is a popular activity among young children. Some parents send their children to gymnastics classes because they hope their child will become a professional gymnast in the future. However, there are also many advantages children gain from attending gymnastics class even if they do not plan on doing it professionally in the future. In this article, we will introduce how learning gymnastics effects children.

体操教室が子どもに与える効果とは? どのようなメリットがある?

5 Benefits and Abilities Children Gain from Learning Gymnastics

Improves basic athletic performance

Research shows that children’s motor nerves develop easily from about 3 years old through elementary school. Therefore, practicing a variety of exercises during this period will help improve children’s athletic ability. As their physical ability improves, they will become good at more exercises which will help them when playing sports in the future. Having an improved athletic ability will also make it easier to prevent injuries and illness when they get older.

Stimulates brain development

According to a study by Harvard Medical School, exercise has the function of increasing the number of neurons, which are nerve cells in the brain, to enhance cognitive function. A survey held in California also showed that children who perform better on physical fitness tests also perform better academically. Instilling exercise habits from a young age is effective in improving not only physical ability but also learning ability. So, let’s encourage our children to do lots of exercise from childhood.

Fosters a sense of image

Attending gymnastics classes also helps children understand how to move their bodies. Going through tunnels and the horizontal bar gives children the opportunity to move their bodies in new ways. The exercise helps strengthen their core and develop a sense of balance and helps them move their bodies freely.

Helps children lose their fear of exercise

Children who do little exercise are not confident. This will affect their lifestyle in the future. However, children who exercise and are praised in sports classes (like gymnastics) will grow up liking sports and exercise. Starting exercise from a young age will help them enjoy P.E. in elementary and junior high school.

Improves communication skills

During gymnastics classes, children often move along with their friends and colleagues which encourages communication skills. In sports, there are group competitions in addition to individual events during which you cooperate with friends. Attending sports classes and being part of a sports team gives children the opportunity to work together to accomplish a goal and fight against an opponent.

There are many benefits to learning how to exercise from a young age. Mommy and me classes and preschools often include sports activities in their curriculums. So please consider attending these programs in addition to gymnastics classes. During these classes, children learn English, art, and music in addition to sports.