When should parents first enroll their children in lessons?


Many parents want their children to experience a variety of lessons as they grow up. After hearing that their friends’ children have started lessons, parents may feel impatient and rushed about starting their child with lessons. But what is the best time for children to start taking lessons?


When did your child start lessons? Let’s look at the appropriate ages!

The best time to start lessons will depend on your child’s personality and family situation. The content of the lesson will also be a factor. Let’s check which lessons are suitable for each age first.

Lessons that can be started between 0~2 years old

More and more lessons for children 0 to 1 years old have been introduced in recent years. Attending lessons from such a young age will allow your child to foster his/her interests and curiosity. These lessons will also broaden your child’s horizons and help you and your child make new friends.
Some parents feel it is too early to start lessons but it is important to understand that at this age lessons are play-based and getting an early start will expand your child’s potential.

Many children start lessons from 3~4 years old

 We often hear of children starting to take lessons from the age of three. When children are 3 years old, they often start going to kindergarten or nursery school and are ready to become more independent and experience the world on their own.
At this age, children can communicate with teachers and friends and have the physical skills required to learn sports. However, it is important that parents choose lessons that their child will enjoy rather than forcing him/her to learn something he/she is not interested in.

Lessons that you attend from 5~6 years old are likely to stay with you

Lessons children attend after the age of 5 or 6 are more likely to focus on their preparation for elementary school. So, attending these lessons will also help them experience group/school life.
At this age, children are more willing to learn new things and can absorb new concepts and skills quickly even if the lessons are a little difficult.

When is the best time for your child to start lessons?

Children grow and develop at different rates so there is no fixed answer for when children should begin lessons. So, it is best for parents to keep an eye on their child’s interests and start lessons when your child seems ready and wants to. Try not to miss the opportunity when he/she shows motivation to learn something new.

Starting your child with Mommy & Me classes is a great way to see what he/she is interested in. During these classes, your child will be exposed to English, music and movement, and art activities in a play-based environment. Not only will your child learn new things but he/she can also make friends and gain social skills.
Attending Mommy & Me classes and preschool programs from a young age will have many benefits for your child’s growth and development. Please try to expose your child to a large variety of activities from a young age and let them explore and discover their interests.