Which method of praise is most beneficial for children? Let’s see!


People often say it is a good idea for parents to praise their children when they are growing up. However, it is harder than you think.
Compliments can have a positive effect on children, such as improving their self-affirmation and positivity. Parents are recommended to praise their children when appropriate to positively affect their development. In this article, we will introduce how to praise children effectively.


Why is it important to praise children as they grow?

Children love to be complimented. Compliments will motivate your child and give him/her the confidence to take challenges and try new things. When they are praised, they acquire a challenging spirit and are more likely to be not afraid of failure.
However, overpraising, and spoiling children often has the opposite effect so it is important that parents know when and how much to praise their children.

Let’s look at some examples of “how to praise your child”!

From here, I will begin giving some specific examples for parents to follow.

Praise them for what they did well

Instead of just praising your child in general, try to point out exactly what they did that deserves praise. It is a good idea to show how they improved when offering praise. However, when praising their child, parents should avoid comparing their child to other children (even siblings). This will cause your child to look down on the other person.

Praise the process as well as the outcome

It is also good to praise the process and your child’s efforts to reach their goal. This will help your child feel a sense of accomplishment and be more likely to try his/her best in the future. When your child fails, praise him/her for trying.

Be happy together

Make sure to rejoice with your child when he/she is happy or has achieved his/her goal. Children enjoy it when they can share the happiness with their family members.

Show appreciation

Thanking your child for his/her help is also a good compliment. When parents are grateful, it has a positive effect on your child’s mindset and they become prouder and more confident.

Praise the whole child

Phrases such as “I love you” and “I am happy because you are here” are compliments that affirm the whole child. Using these phrases in front of your child will help him/her develop self-affirmation and positivity. Such unconditional affection can only be conveyed by parents and children.

Most parents want to raise their child while complimenting him/her on a regular basis. Paying attention to their behavior and conversations will help you find areas to praise them for. Make sure to convey what you liked in detail.
Attending Mommy & Me classes and preschool will enable your child to experience new things and positively effect their growth and development. Praising children for what they learned and accomplished during these classes will give them self-confidence and a challenging spirit.