What is the “Golden Age”? – The relationship between a child’s age and his/her motor skills


The “Golden Age” is known as the period when children’s motor nerves are said to grow dramatically. During this period, which only happens once in a lifetime, it is recommended to give children many opportunities to improve their athletic ability.
So, when does the “Golden Age” take place? Please read below for details.


What is the “Golden Age” for children?

Research proves that one’s athletic ability improves greatly during childhood. The “Golden Age” is defined as the period between the ages of 5 and 12 when children’s athletic ability is particularly likely to grow.
According to a study by Scammon, an American medical scientist and anthropologist, the growth of the human nervous system begins to become noticeable around the age of 5, and is completed by the age of 12. After the age of 12, the nervous system is in a similar state to that of an adult.
It is important that children participate in many athletic activities during the “Golden Age” to support the development of their nervous system and motor skills.

What are the 3 Stages of the “Golden Age”?

The “Golden Age” for children is said to have 3 stages.

1. The Pre Golden Age

The period from 2 to 6 years old is called pre-golden age. During this time, it is a good idea to encourage your child to do a variety of physical activities. The experience gained during this period, will help him/her learn new movements and improve their skills and basic physical strength for the future. Doing exercise and moving your body during the “Pre Golden Age” is also beneficial in preventing children from resisting sports when they get older.

2. The Golden Age

It is important for children to participate in a lot of physical activities during the Golden Age (between 6 and 12 years old). During this period, children will be more likely to perform the activity correctly on the first try or show physical ability that exceeds that of an adult. Children also gain patience and an interest in challenging themselves during this period.

3. Post Golden Age

The Post Golden Age is the period up until about 15 years old. During this period, children gain power and speed and develop a solid body. It is also during this time that children gain the tactical ability to use their heads to play sports.

Let’s not miss the “Golden Age”

Many people think that one’s motor nerves are determined when we are born. However, motor nerves are not necessarily only determined by heredity and can be improved when children are encouraged to do physical activities during the “Golden Age”.
It is not uncommon for children who started learning sports during the “Golden Age” to become top-level players in the future. So children do not miss out on this opportunity, it is important that parents encourage their young children to challenge various sports and play during this period.

Children’s athletic ability grows during the “Golden Age”. To enrich this period for their child, it is important that parents provide the appropriate environment for growth and development. Let’s provide many opportunities for our child to participate in outdoor play and exercise during this period and support the development of their physical ability.
Attending Mommy & Me classes and/or a preschool program will give children the opportunity to learn and develop their cognitive, social/emotional and physical skills during their “Golden Age”.