Why is online English learning popular? What are the pros and cons?


In recent years, the demand for online English conversation classes has been increasing due to changes in social conditions. We have seen an increase in online classes for children and many companies are considering implementing them soon. In this article, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of online English classes for children.


What are the benefits of online English classes for children?

Online English conversation classes have become more popular in recent years. This has led to an increase in options for children over the last few years. What are the benefits of attending these classes?

You can receive individual attention

Online English conversation lessons are often one-on-one lessons. This means the instructor can provide individual lessons according to your child’s English level. When children do not understand something, it is easy to hear and ask questions which will help them gain confidence.

Parents do not have to worry about bringing them and picking them up

One advantage of online English classes is that they can be done from home. It is easier to schedule for families where both parents are working or for families with siblings and busy schedules.

You can choose a schedule that fits your needs

Since the class days and times are not fixed it is easier to schedule lessons between school and other lessons.

What are the disadvantages of online English classes for children?

There are many benefits of attending online English classes but disadvantages also exist. Please check some of the disadvantages below.

Some children are unable to sit still for so long

During online classes, children are required to sit in front of the screen for 25 to 30 minutes. Some small children have a hard time just sitting for 10 minutes. This is why for some children taking classes at home leads to poor concentration. If you find that your child is losing focus, playing or getting bored and walking around, it might be a good idea to switch to face-to-face lessons.

There is sometimes trouble with audio and video quality

Although it is a disadvantage unique to online classes, internet trouble may cause the sound to skip and video to be distorted or delayed. This may make it hard to hear and understand the facial expression of the other person causing communication difficulties and frustration.

It is hard to make new friends

Unlike in classes held in the classroom, online classes are often one-on-one so it is difficult to meet new people. Since there is less stimulation some children may lose interest and motivation to continue learning.

Online English conversation does not require transportation and is an easy way to learn English at home. However, in order to improve children’s communication skills, face-to-face instruction, where they can read facial expressions is also very important.

Attending an English preschool class is a great way for children to experience a real-life English environment and interact with native English speakers directly. At English preschools, children will also be able to make new friends to play with and learn social skills such as cooperation and self-assertion.

Please consider online classes as one of the options available and try to combine the lessons with face-to-face lessons as well.