7 Popular Indoor Games for 1-year-olds to Enjoy During the Rainy Season


Although most 1-year-olds can walk and talk their actions are still limited. During the rainy season, it is important for parents to find fun ways to engage their child indoors since it is hard to play outside. Indoor games can also be enjoyed on hot days and during the winter months when you don’t want to go outside. In this article, we will introduce some indoor games recommended for 1-year-olds.

梅雨の時期でも退屈せずに過ごせる! 1歳児におすすめの室内遊び7選

7 Indoor Play Recommended for 1-year-olds

Free Drawing

Around the age of 1, children learn how to hold and explore with a crayon. It is a good idea for parents to prepare large pieces of paper where children can draw and color freely. They will have plenty of room to practice writing and coloring with the crayon and even explore mixing colors. Parents can even incorporate stamps and stickers.

Playing with Old Newspapers

Old newspapers are a great tool for indoor play. At this age, children will enjoy tearing and crumpling the newspaper. You can even make a ball out of the newspaper and use it for indoor ball games. Newspapers can even be used to make clothes and hats.

Making a House out of an Old Box

1-year-olds love tight spaces. Try making a roof or window on a large cardboard box to make it look like a house so your child can enjoy playing in it. If parents make a window, children can enjoy playing Peek-a-Boo. Adding a tunnel that connects two or more cardboard boxes will make it even more fun.

Enjoying Playing with Paper Fans Indoors

Playing with a paper fan indoors is a fun activity during the hot and humid rainy season. You can add a balloon or tissue paper to make it more exciting for your child. At this age, children will enjoy the stimulation of the small breeze made by waving the paper fan.

Exercising with a futon or mat

Since it is difficult to play outside during the rainy season, we recommend that parents prepare a mat indoors where children can practice their rolling and jumping skills. You can put a stepping stone under the futon so your child can try climbing up the “mountain”. Although the exercises should be challenging it is important to be careful that your child doesn’t get hurt.

Playing Hide-and-Seek and Treasure Hunt

One-year-olds love playing hide-and-seek indoors. Parents can play along by encouraging your child to find new hiding places within the home and searching for them. Parents can also hide small toys or balls around the house and have their child look for them.

Special Activities to Enjoy During the Rainy Season

On rainy days, it is fun to put buckets, tubs and/or empty cans on the balcony and catch the rain. Children will see that the sound of the raindrops falling will differ depending on the size of the object catching the rain. Children will enjoy listening to the various sounds.

It is easy for your child to get bored indoors during the rainy season. However, trying the above activities will keep his/her mind from not being able to go outside. The activities will also expand his/her interests and encourage curiosity. Attending indoor Mommy & Me classes and preschool programs is another way to support your child’s growth and development. Many programs include a combination of indoor play and learning that support children’s physical, cognitive and social/emotional development.