What should parents be aware of when reading English books to their children?


Reading picture books with your child has many advantages, such as language acquisition and parent-child communication. Choosing an English picture book will help make learning English fun for you and your child. In this article, we will give tips for non-English speaking parents to help them when reading English picture books to their child(ren).

子どもに英語の絵本を読み聞かせたい! 親が意識するべきポイントは?

Benefits of Reading English Picture Books

One of the largest benefits of reading English picture books is that they help improve one’s English vocabulary. Encountering English from a young age will support your child’s vocabulary and knowledge growth. English picture books make learning English fun while deepening the bond between parents and children.

Tips for Reading English Picture Books Out Loud

Let’s check out how to choose the appropriate English picture book for your child and how to read it out loud effectively.

Start with simple picture books

English picture books with fewer words are easier for parents to read and younger children to understand.

Choose a book about a topic your child is interested in

Children’s interests differ, some children are interested in stories about vehicles while others are interested in stories about animals or princesses. It is a good idea for parents to choose a genre that matches your child’s interests so they can enjoy the reading experience.

Don’t worry about having perfect pronunciation

Some parents may not be good at pronouncing English if it is not their native language. However, they should not worry about having perfect pronunciation when reading English picture books to their child. Listening to English CDs and DVDs and English conversation videos is a great way to improve one’s pronunciation skills. Attending English only preschool programs with Native English-speaking teachers is also helpful. When reading with your child, it is important to focus on becoming familiar with English and interacting between parent and child. Instead of worrying about pronunciation, parents should try to read as many English picture books with their child as possible.

Point to the section and words that you are reading

When reading English picture books, it is a good idea for parents to point to the text they are reading with their finger. This will help your child learn how to ready English faster. Children between the age of 2 and 4 have a good memory so reading the same book repeatedly will help them memorize the words so they can read it on their own.

Read with exaggeration

Using inflection when reading will help make the content easier to understand. It is also effective to change your voice and add onomatopoeia and gestures when you can. These additions will help gain your child’s interest and encourage them to become absorbed in the world of picture books.

When parents enjoy reading English picture books, their children will enjoy them as well. Picture books are a great way to get your child interested in English. Enrolling your child in an English only preschool is another way to encourage their curiosity and motivation to learn English.