Let’s look at the benefits of walking in the rain with your child


Many parents choose to play indoors with their child when it is raining. It is true that playing outside in the rain is different than playing outside on a sunny day. Although it can be difficult sometimes, going outside on a rainy day is fun for children and promotes brain development.
In this article, I will explain how to enjoy walking in the rain with your child and introduce some points to keep in mind.

雨の日にこそ子どもと「お散歩」を楽しもう! メリットや注意点を解説

There are many benefits to walking outside on a rainy day!

There are many things you can only experience on a rainy day. Children can explore the sounds of the rain, the wet atmosphere, and the appearance of creatures and puddles.
Walking in the rain stimulates children’s five senses. They can listen to the pleasant sound of the rain, the feel of the water falling on their skin, and the unique smell of soil and trees.
Although, some children dislike getting wet it is important that they experience this special feeling that only can be experienced on a rainy day.

4 tips for making walking in the rain with your child more fun

1. Look for creatures that only come out on rainy days

On rainy days, your child can see frogs, snails and other creatures that only appear when it is raining. They can also see flowers and fauna that are unique to rainy days.

2. Children love jumping in puddles

Let your child enjoy playing in the puddles. It is OK if he/she gets water in his/her boots.

3. Enjoy the sounds of the raindrops on your umbrella

Children will see that the sound differs depending on the amount of water that hits their umbrella. They can try walking under trees and house gutters and enjoy the funny sounds they hear.

4. Try making your own kappa

Making your own kappa out of a large plastic bag will make your walk in the rain even more enjoyable. It is easy to make one by cutting out holes for your head and arms. Then put on a hat so that your head doesn’t get wet.

Precautions for when you walk in the rain with your child

Going out on a rainy day is fun, but it is important to avoid going out when it is pouring or windy. Keep in mind that visibility is worse when it rains so be careful when walking near the road. Please make sure to pay attention to the traffic rules.
Also, being outside in the rain for a long time may make you feel cold so it is important for parents to set a time to come in ahead of time. When you get home, make sure your child takes a warm bath to clean off and prevent him/her from catching a cold.

When it rains, children often get frustrated from staying indoors. This is a perfect opportunity for you to prepare rain gear and go for a walk. Experiences unique to rainy days will help stimulate your child’s sensibility and development.
Attending mommy & me classes and preschool programs is another way to stimulate your child’s senses and a great place to play during the rainy season.