【From Taiwan】Popular Games From Around the World


Taiwan is located very close to Japan, only about 100km from Yonaguni Island in Okinawa. The country’s official name is the Republic of China and Taiwanese people speak the Mandarin language. Taiwan has the same system of education as Japan (6 years of Elementary, 3 years of Junior High and 3 years of High School).
In this article, we will cover the educational system in Taiwan and introduce games that Taiwanese children enjoy playing with their friends and families.


What are the characteristics of child-rearing and education in Taiwan?

The Taiwanese government extended the compulsory education period from 6 years to 12 years in 2014. Compulsory education is currently a 6.3.3 system from 6 to 18 years old. Many children go to kindergarten or nursery school before entering elementary school. Recently, the number of bilingual kindergartens focusing on English education has increased. In addition, many kindergartens and nursery schools offer math, English, painting, music, and gymnastics lessons to help children discover their interests and develop talent. In Taiwan, elementary school students are usually picked up by their parents. Since there are many vegetarians in Taiwan, elementary schools often have vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Students are also encouraged to take a nap after lunch so they can focus on their afternoon studies.

3 Popular Children’s Games in Taiwan

Toys made from bamboo are popular

Bamboo toys such as stilts, bamboo guns, bamboo dragonflies and bamboo cicadas have been popular in Taiwan for many years. Bamboo cicadas, toys with a string attached to a bamboo or wooden stick and a bamboo decoration that looks like a cicada, are not well known outside of Taiwan. When the rod is rotated, the cicadas rotate around and make a mysterious sound like cicadas due to friction.

”Jens”, popular winged play

Shuttlecock, is a popular children’s game in Taiwan and is also popular as a modern sport. Players continue to kick a winged toy, like a shuttle for badminton, so that it doesn’t fall to the ground. The rules are similar to the Japanese game “Kemari” and “Sepak Takraw” which are popular around the world.

Miniature Theme Park [Dwarf Country Theme Park]

In this miniature theme park, children can explore 133 models of famous buildings from around the world. The size of all models is 1/25 of the original size and models include the Arc de Triomphe, Egyptian Pyramids and even Japanese castles. Children can enjoy learing about buildings around the world by strolling through the park as if you were lost in a dwarf country.

There are many characteristics of Taiwanese education, such as providing talent development education before entering elementary school, parents picking up their children from elementary school, and having time to take a nap at school. Children in Taiwan enjoy playing with Taiwanese toys as well as toys from around the world and China. There are also many theme parks to enjoy in Taiwan. It is important for children to have a variety of experiences and discover their interests and talents from a young age. Attending mommy & me classes and preschools is a great way to expand your child’s English ability and introduce them to new activities and challenges.