How to enjoy an at-home picnic and spend quality time as a family


With going out becoming more difficult due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, families are looking for activities they can enjoy with their children at home. Having a “home picnic” in the comfort of your own home is one option. Here are some tips for preparing for and enjoying a picnic at home.

おうちピクニックでお出かけ気分を満喫! 親子で楽しむコツは?

How to enjoy a picnic at home

Families can enjoy a picnic at home by laying out a leisure sheet, enjoying food and snacks and playing fun games. Having a picnic is a great way to spend time relaxing and having fun with your child.

What do you need to have an at-home picnic?

Parents should prepare items that will make your child feel like he/she is having a picnic outside. Some items to prepare are a leisure sheet, blanket or even a tent. You can add more excitement by decorating with garlands, flowers and lanterns. You can even prepare an outdoor table and chairs if you prefer not to eat on the ground. <What to prepare
Leisure sheet
Favorite foods and drinks
Toys and picture books for children

<Things that are useful to have
Tent (small size is OK!), tepee
Lanterns and candles
Garlands and flowers
Outdoor table set

It is recommended to prepare food in lunch boxes or finger foods

Parents can prepare typical “bento” and “finger” foods like onigiri, sandwiches and karaage (fried chicken) which are foods that are popular to bring on outside picnics. It is also a good idea to use bento boxes, water bottles, paper plates and paper cups to make your at-home picnic more authentic. It is fun to let the children choose their favorite snacks but be careful to adjust the amounts so children do not eat too much.

Some tips for making your at-home picnic more enjoyable

Families can enjoy having a picnic in the comfort of their own home but changing the place and time will allow you to have a different experience. Here are some ideas you can try.

Choose a location according to the weather

On sunny days, you can have a picnic in the garden, on the balcony or terrace and enjoy the fresh air. However, please be considerate of your neighbors and be careful about the noise.

Try having a picnic at night instead of during the day

Families can enjoy having a picnic at night as well as during the daytime. You can use lanterns, candles and other lights (such as candle-shaped LED lights) so you do not need to worry about fire.

Picnics can be enjoyed inside the house (when it is raining) and on the balcony or in the garden (when it is nice out). Children will enjoy eating food and snacks in a different environment and spending quality time with their parents playing games, drawing and even dancing. Please try having an at-home picnic and enjoy spending time with your family at home.