How parents can encourage their shy child to play with other children


Many parents get worried when they see their child in the corner and unable to play with friends at the park. Some children are shy and are scared of people they do not know. In this article, we will explain the cause of shyness and how parents can help their child overcome it.

公園でお友達と遊べない! 人見知りの子どもの対処法

What causes shyness?

Shyness generally begins around 7 to 8 months of age. It usually appears because children at this age begin to distinguish between their parents and others and become attached to their parents. Many children overcome their shyness around 1 years old while others continue to be shy until they are 2-3 years old. When your child overcomes his/her shyness will depend on the environment he/she is raised in and his/her personality. Children who are raised in environments that encourage social development and children who are more outgoing tend to overcome shyness earlier.
However, shyness can also be acquired. This means that some children are fine when they are one but become shy when they get older. Young children may acquire shyness when they experience violence or abusive language and become traumatized by the experience.

Take small steps to ease your child’s shyness

It is a good idea to create an environment where your child feels comfortable playing with mom and dad first. Going to the park as a family is a great way to help them feel that the park is a fun place even though there are strangers there. Parents can start by taking their child on a walk in the park and pointing out the flowers and insects they see.
When your child gets used to the park, slowly move closer to where people are and begin talking with them. This will help your child realize that the people around you are not scary because their mom or dad is talking to them.
Repeating these actions will help your child learn how to distinguish between people who are safe and those who are not. This will help him/her feel more comfortable about interacting with the people around them.

Shy children are often very sensitive. Therefore, it is important to try to remove your child’s fear and anxiety about people slowly.
Encouraging your child to join a mommy and me class or preschool class is a great way to get him/her to practice interacting with other kids his/her age. Teachers can help your child gain the social skills he/she needs gradually.