How to help your child gain a sense of self-affirmation


Having a strong sense of self-affirmation is important to succeed in our society.
People with a sense of self-affirmation feel positive about their surroundings and end up leading happier lives.
In this article, we will introduce tips for parents to help their children gain a sense of self-affirmation.

Praise your child for trying hard

Praising your child for trying their best is an important way to help them gain a sense of self-affirmation.
Please make sure to congratulate your child when he/she does well on a test or wins a medal at a sports competition. This will give them more self-confidence and help them gain a sense of self-affirmation.
It is also important to praise them for the process even if they did not receive a good outcome.
By praising them for trying, you are encouraging your child to try his/her best and take challenges.

Accept your child for who he/she is

It is also important to accept your child for who he/she is and not only focus on his/her results or how hard he/she is trying. This will make your child feel that his family and peers accept him and feel happy about his life. Praising your child for his everyday actions and forgiving him/her when he/she fails is an important factor for increasing his/her sense of self-affirmation.

Sympathize with your child’s feelings

When others sympathize with our feelings, we gain self-confidence and understand that we did not do anything wrong. This helps us gain a sense of self-affirmation.
As parents, it is important that we try to sympathize with our children’s feelings when we can.
Let’s try to share our child’s feelings of interest and sadness and see the world from their eyes.

Avoid scolding your child when possible

Scolding your child actually crushes your child’s sense of self-affirmation.
Scolding your child harshly after every little failure and pressuring him/her by saying he/she is not trying hard enough has a negative effect on their personality.
Ignoring and not praising them for their successes, even if they are small, has the same effect.
It is sometimes necessary to scold your child if he/she is breaking a rule or doing something dangerous.
However, other times it is often more effective to talk to them quietly about what they did wrong and hear their side of the story as well.
Let’s try to limit our scolding and increase our praise for our children. This will help them gain a sense of self-affirmation.

If your child is raised with a sense of self-affirmation, they are more likely to be able to handle struggles when they grow up. Japanese people are said to have weak self-affirmation so it is important to give our children the opportunity to improve their sense of self-affirmation from a young age.

Bringing your child to classes where they can experience challenge and receive praise is a great way to improve their sense of self-affirmation from a young age.

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