Let’s be careful and prevent the entire family from catching influenza!


At this time of year, it is important for families to take special measures to avoid catching influenza. Families with young children have to be especially careful that the germs don’t enter the household. In this article, we will introduce measures that will help families prevent influenza.

What is the difference between “influenza” and “a regular cold”?

Understanding the difference between “influenza” and “a regular cold” will be helpful in trying to prevent cold symptoms from turning into “influenza”. In most cases, “influenza” does not start with symptoms like coughing and a runny nose but rather with a sudden fever of 40 degrees. If your child also suffers from muscle pain and overall lethargy in addition to the high fever you should consult a doctor about having an influenza test right away.

5 Measures to Take to Prevent Getting Influenza

・Receiving a flu shot
Receiving a flu shot will be beneficial in preventing the influenza symptoms from becoming too severe. However, it is important to understand that receiving a flu shot will not necessarily prevent you from getting the disease.

・Avoid crowded areas
During influenza season, it is important for adults and children to stay away from crowded areas and stay indoors whenever possible. It is particularly important for children with weak immune systems and children who get sick easily to avoid crowded areas or wear a mask.

・Make it a habit to gargle and watch your hands when you get inside and before eating
Please use soap or hand soap and make sure to wash your hands for at least 15 seconds. Making sure to reach your finger tips, between your nails and your hands up to your wrists with soap is beneficial in preventing influenza.

・Managing air ventilation and humidity
In this season, it is important to ventilate the air in the room by opening a window or using an air cleaner. During the winter season, the air is also quite dry causing virus and germs to spread. This is why it is important to use a humidifier to keep the humidity of the room between 50%-60% and protect your child from getting influenza.

・Hygiene Control
At schools and daycares for young children, staff are careful to sanitize the toys and equipment and use air purifiers and humidifiers to protect the air from being infected by germs and viruses. These procedures should also be done at home so that your child and the entire family are protected from surrounding viruses and germs.

What should I do when my child gets influenza?

If your child is infected with influenza, you should go to a doctor right away. It is important that you get a doctor’s advice and prescribed medication instead of trying to take care of the symptoms with over the counter medication on your own. Having a high fever for an extended period of time can cause young children to become dehydrated so make sure that you give them plenty of liquids. However, if they drink too much at once they may throw it up so please give them a little at a time. Drinks with ion such as Aquarius and mugi-cha are good types of drinks to give them.

Create a virus-free environment …..

Protecting your child from getting influenza will require parents and caregivers to think about how they can prevent children from getting near viruses. Making your home virus-free is the best way to prevent influenza from affecting your family.

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