How to explain Christmas and Santa Claus without crushing your child’s dreams


Many children start thinking about Santa Claus as soon as the decorations around town go up. Are you, as a parent, able to answer your child’s questions about Christmas and Santa Claus appropriately? Answering the questions the wrong way may crush your child’s dreams forever. In this article, we will introduce how to explain about Christmas and Santa Claus without crushing their dreams.

What is Christmas?

Many people think that Jesus Christ’s birthday is 12/25. Actually 12/25 is not really Jesus Christ’s birthday but the day we celebrate his nativity. We are not sure exactly when Jesus Christ was born and there are many versions of the story.

When your child asks what Christmas is please explain that it is the day that we celebrate when Jesus Christ came to the people’s world from the world of gods.

What is the connection between Christmas and Santa Claus?

・Where did Christmas begin?
Many people think that Christmas began where Santa Claus is thought to have lived countries like Finland, Greenland or Norway. However, Christmas did not begin in these countries.

Christmas was actually first celebrated in the Roman Empire which is the current location of a small village in Turkey.

・Where does Santa Claus come from?
Santa Claus is thought to have come from “Saint Nicholas”. The idea of Santa Claus delivering presents is said to have started in the 4th Century when Saint Nicholas brought presents and money to a poor family who were thinking of selling their daughter. The story spread and Saint Nicholas began to be called “Shinta Claus” in Norway and “Santa Claus” in America.

How can you easily explain the origin of Christmas and Santa Claus to children?

Teachers at schools and daycare centers explain about the holiday and Santa Claus accordingly but what happens when children ask questions at home? Answering the questions the wrong way may crush your child’s dreams so parents have to be careful. Some children even ask who Santa is and what type of person he is. If you are asked these questions please go ahead and explain as written below.

[Once upon a time, Santa was a staff from the church that gave food to poor families. However, nowadays, he gives Christmas presents to children who behave well throughout the year.]

This explanation is easy for children to understand and helps them relate to the holiday.

It is important to know information about Christmas and Santa Claus

By understanding about the holiday yourself, it will be easier to explain to your children and their peers. Let’s be careful when explaining about Christmas and Santa Claus as to not crush our children’s dreams.

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