The quality and amount of sleep your child gets will influence his/her academic ability!


Children will start receiving homework and studying when they enter elementary school. Children with better grades tend to sleep longer and get more quality sleep. Children between the age of 4 and 6 should get 10-13 hours of sleep a day. Many parents may think that this is a lot of sleep but this is the amount of sleep children need to improve their academic ability. What should parents do to help their child sleep better?

Setting your family’s bedtime schedule is an important step in ensuring your child gets enough sleep

One reason children do not get enough sleep is because of the family’s bedtime schedule. In order to ensure your child gets enough sleep it is important to put them to bed as early as possible. However, many times due to the parents’ schedules this can be difficult. When children are sleeping their brain is developing so not getting enough sleep can negatively affect their academic ability. Let’s try to encourage our children to get enough sleep by changing the family schedule wherever possible.

Getting high quality sleep is also very important

Growth hormones do not secrete properly if children don’t get enough high quality sleep. When children get enough high quality sleep their brains are able to refresh and they are able to develop concentration and memory skills needed for studying. When children are tired their brains do not work properly.

When they are sleeping their brain go overs what they learned during the day and stores the important information in their memory. However, when sleep time is limited the brain becomes tired and does not function as efficiently. This is why it is important that children get enough quality sleep each day.

Here are 8 steps for improving your child’s quality of sleep

It is hard to just change your child’s schedule so it is important that the family works together to create a schedule that works for everyone. Here are 8 ways to ensure that your child gets enough sleep:

・Eat dinner earlier than usual
・Take a bath early
・Attend classes and go to the park so that your child moves a lot during the day
・Don’t allow your child to watch TV and play games that get him/her too excited late at night
・Keep the bedroom uncluttered and lower the lights so that your child gets sleepy
・Make sure that your child changes into his/her pajamas and goes into the bedroom at a specific time each day
・Make sure they get plenty of sunlight in the morning and during the day
・Eat a decent breakfast

After taking a look at the above 8 points, are they actions that you are already taking on a regular basis? If there is something that you are not performing yet please give it a try. Let’s make sure our children sleep enough and give their brains and bodies time to rest and prepare for the next day. You will see a difference in their academic ability.

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