What can parents do to raise children who are good at expressing their feelings?


When children are in kindergarten and/or daycare, there is always an adult nearby and opportunities to communicate with friends. If they have trouble communicating there is always a teacher or parent nearby to support them. Once they enter elementary school, children will need to control their feelings and emotions by themselves.

Having an adult as a role model will help prepare them to express their emotions properly when they get older. Children lose their self-confidence when they have problems controlling their emotions. Parents can help children learn how to express their emotions properly. In this article, we will introduce some actions parents can take from when their child is young that will help them learn how to express themselves better.

It is important to create an environment where they can express themselves freely

Having an adult that empathizes with them closeby will make children feel comfortable about asking for advice whenever they need it. When children are in a situation where they cannot handle their emotions on their own and find out that there is no one there to support them, they begin to hold in and hide their emotions. Teachers and staff from early childhood learning centers know how to bring out children’s strengths and expand on them but this needs to be done at home as well.

Parents should avoid being negative whenever possible

How do you, as a parent, react when your child is angry? Do you also get angry and get strict with them? If you do, there is a large chance that your child thinks that you do not understand their feelings and will lose their trust in you.

It is best if parents try to empathize with their children and say things like “this is what you thought”, “you must have been frustrated”, “it is wrong to behave that way because of …. so what do you think you should do instead”. It is important that parents listen to their children and encourage them to express their feelings and emotions. This will help children learn that things don’t always happen the way they want them to and that they need to learn how to make the best of all situations. When children feel secure they have more room in their heart and are better able to control their feelings and emotions. The close relationship children have with their parents will help them grow and develop and learn how to control their feelings and emotions.

Sometimes it is important to go ahead and praise your child

It often takes a while for children to learn how to control their emotions on their own. When they can hold it in when they don’t get their way, when they give their favorite toy to their friend who is crying and other times they are able to control their emotions, it is important for parents to go ahead and praise their children.

Until now they were unable to express their emotions correctly. In this article we introduced some ways to help children learn how to express themselves from a young age.

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