When encouraging your child to be outgoing – how important is the relationship of trust between parent and child?


The number of children who have conflicts with their friends and/or have trouble controlling their emotions is increasing. In order for children to grow up being able to control their emotions and outgoing, developing a relationship of trust with their parents is essential. In this article, we will give some points for parents to be aware of when raising their children that will encourage them to become more outgoing.

Enhancing the relationship of trust between parent and child

“Make sure that you greet everyone around you!”
“Did you thank them?”
“Did you say sorry?”

Parents have a tendency to repeat the following phrases to their children a lot.

However, if we use these phrases too much, our children will become anxious about always being scolded. When having a conversation with your child, it is effective to include questions about their day and what they are hoping to do tomorrow.

Children are inquisitive by nature so it is important to let them do what they want and help them only when they ask for it. By taking this stance and trying to encourage your child to share his/her feelings, your child will feel like he/she is being protected and cared for. This will help prepare your child for when he/she is in trouble and needs mom and dad’s support.

Praising your child will help him/her gain self-confidence

At schools and classes for young children, teachers are encouraged to praise the children whenever possible. Praise is something that also should happen at home. Encouraging your child to try their best and then letting them know that they did a good job will help them feel good about themselves and encourage them to continue to try hard in the future. Praising them for doing something they tried really hard to accomplish will help them gain self-confidence. For example, it is a good idea to make comments like “you spent a lot of time on that project” or “you really came up with a great idea” when talking about projects they have accomplished on their own.

A child’s relationship with his/her parents helps his/her heart grow

There are many reasons why children feel gloomy but some of the main reasons are “frustration”, “anxiety” and “loneliness”. These feelings can be alleviated by forming a trusting relationship with their parents. Being outgoing and social are very important skills for children to pick up so it is important that parents show them love and for a relationship of trust with their children from a young age which will help encourage these skills to grow.

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